St. Patrick's Perler Bead designs
Every March we celebrate Irish heritage and culture on St. Patrick’s Day.   If you’re a mom, like me, you are forever looking for simple crafts to create with them for each and every holiday.  St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that is pretty underrated, but it’s still […]

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Perler Bead Patterns

Star Wars Perler Beads
It’s no secret that I love Star Wars.   Oh my goodness, I’m obsessed with it.  I thought it was about time that I shared some of my easy Star Wars Perler Bead patterns with you.   In this post you’ll find some of my favorite Star Wars characters:  Luke Skywalker, […]

10 Easy Star Wars Perler Bead Patterns

Perler Bead tape method
Do you ever find yourself having a hard time fusing your Perler Bead creations?  Maybe the project is so big that you just can’t get it right.  Or, perhaps you find yourself with warped boards after you’ve melted your beads.  Well hopefully, I can help.   No matter what the […]

Stop Warped Pegboards: Perler Bead Tape Method

Valentine's Day Perler Beads
Love is in the air when you look at these Valentine Perler Bead patterns.   All of them are simple to make, and could be glued to cardstock to make DIY Valentines.  Or they can just be handed out to someone special.   It’s a fun craft for kids of any age […]

10 Easy Valentine Perler Bead Patterns

Pikachu DIY snow globes
Looking for a fun and easy craft for the kids to make?  I’ve got the perfect idea for you; Pokemon snow globes!    We took the water out of the equation to keep the mess to a minimum, and we couldn’t be more pleased about how cute these little Pokemon […]

How to make Easy Pokemon Snow Globes

Perler Bead gift tags
Christmas is a busy time of year.  It’s like the world is on overdrive from the week before Thanksgiving until after the last present is unwrapped.   All the hustle and bustle of the holiday season leaves me little time for creating new Perler Bead projects.  That’s why I decided […]

How to make Christmas Perler Bead Gift Tags

Perler bead porg
This family LOVES Star Wars.  It’s one of the few fandoms that each and everyone of us likes. Now that the new movie is right around the corner, we’re getting so excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  We had our tickets the first day they were released for sale, […]

Perler Bead Porg from Star Wars

I am always looking for a fun and easy craft project to do with my kids around Christmas time.  Not only is crafting a great way to spend family time getting in the Christmas spirit, but it’s also a good way for the kids to make something special for their […]

10 Easy Christmas Perler Bead Patterns

Perler Bead organization 1
Let’s talk about Perler Bead storage. You and I both know that if you are beading, you need a way to store and organize your Perler Beads.  If not, it would be chaos!   When the kids and I first started playing with melting beads there was no rhyme or […]

The Best Perler Bead Storage Ideas to Keep You Organized

Minecraft Perler Bead Grass Block
We make a lot of Perler Bead items at our house.  A LOT!   When it’s possible, we try to make things with our projects like this cool night light.  One really fun way to make your Perler Bead pieces functional is by turning them into magnets.   Making Perler Bead […]

How to Make Minecraft Perler Bead Magnets

Perler Bead pumpkin decoration
OMG, I love Halloween! I always get giddy with anticipation each year. This year is no different. The kids have already picked their costumes, I know I’ll whip out my jedi robes, we’ve dug the decorations out of the basement, and soon enough I’ll head to the store to buy […]

How to Make a Perler Bead Jack O Lantern Candle ...

Cute emoji flower pots
Emoji’s are big with kids right now.  Heck, they even made a whole movie centered around emoji.  Making these simple emoji Perler Bead pots was so much fun, and OMG, so easy.   The kids loved making them. Plus, they turned out so cute.    This project is perfect for the […]

How to make Emoji Perler Bead Pots

Halloween Perler Bead patterns
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.   I love the decorations, the costumes, the candy.   Oooo, and I really love carving pumpkins.  To help YOU get in the spirit of Halloween, here are some super easy Halloween Perler Bead patterns.   These patterns are designed to be simple enough for […]

10 Easy Halloween Perler Bead Patterns

Perler Bead sorter 2
This post contains affiliate links. GAH!  I hate sorting Perler Beads.  In fact, I try to avoid it by buying beads in bags of 1,000 as much as humanly possible.   For me personally, I don’t even like to bead unless the beads are sorted.  It takes a gazillion times […]

How To Make A Perler Bead Sorter – The Straw ...

Perler bead TARDIS
We’ve been watching all the episodes of Doctor Who lately.   For me it’s a re-watch, for Wonder Boy, it’s his first time seeing it.  He’s loving it!   As a momma, it’s so cool to watch your kids get entranced by something you love.   As with all of our fandoms, […]

Easy to make 3D Perler Bead TARDIS

Geeky Perler Bead Cards 1
I am forever looking for uses for the Perler Bead projects we make. Oh yes, we’ve made magnets and keychains, but let’s face it folks; how many keychains do you really need? Not a ton. Then it hit me. We can make Perler Bead cards! Wonder Boy isn’t a huge […]

Easy To Make Perler Bead Cards For Kids

Mixing Artkal and Perler Beads 3
I am a die hard Perler Bead fan.  Seriously folks, I love Perler Beads.   In the past, you would have never seen me buy Melty bead, hama beads or any other typing of fusion beads that aren’t Perler Brand. Why is that, you ask?   Well there are two main […]

Perler Beads Vs. Artkal Beads: Do They Mix?

DIY Superhero Stress Balls 2
We’re always looking for simple geeky crafts we can make as a family.  One day Paige came home from school and said there were kids were handing out stress balls that they had made from balloons and flour.  She didn’t get one, but thought it looked easy enough to make […]

DIY Stress Balls – Superhero Style

Deal with it glasses 1
Wonder Boy got the idea the other day that he wanted to make a pair of “Deal With It” glasses out of Perler Beads.   My idea was that he use interlocking Perler Beads where the arms snap into the glasses, but OH NO, he wanted working hinges.    HINGES?!?! […]

How to Make Perler Bead Deal With It Glasses

Easy to make Star Wars Cards
I am so in love with washi tape.  I’ve seen it time and time again at crafting stores, but I really didn’t understand the appeal.  It’s tape, that’s colored.   Pssh, it didn’t seem like something to get excited about.   When Wonder Boy and I made these Minecraft glitter ornaments, […]

Easy to Make Star Wars Washi Tape Cards

Perler Bead Splatoon Squid with stand
We are super stoked for Splatoon 2 to come out next month.  Wonder Boy loved the first one so much that he’s been saving his pennies since March when we got our Switch to be able to purchase Splatoon 2 on release date.    This week he decided he wanted […]

Perler Bead Splatoon Squid With Stand

3D Perler Bead Dice
If you’re thinking about delving into the world for 3D Perler Bead projects, I’ve got a quick and easy design to get you started.  You can start by creating these 3D Perler Bead dice. Not only are they easy to make, you don’t need glue to get them to stick […]

Easy 3D Perler Bead Project: Perler Bead Dice Tutorial

How to make Perler bead patterns 6
Edit: 12/13/2014 I just found out that hiking dave was sold and is no longer available for making amazing Perler Bead designs.   The new owners have moved it to   I haven’t gotten the chance to try it out, but I looked quickly at it.  It looks very similar to […]

Easy Perler Bead Pattern Maker Tutorial

I’m joining up again this week with the amazing folks over at Geek Blogs Unite.   This month’s geeky theme is all about gaming.  Luckily for me, Wonder Boy and I have been busy making some epic Animal Crossing gyroids to scatter around the house.   It’s such a simple and fun […]

How to Make Animal Crossing Gyroids

Perler Bead Tutorial 2
This post contains affiliate links. I dedicate a lot time to making Perler Bead projects.  Recently, it’s been my number one craft. I have so much fun sharing my projects and how to make them with you, my reader. The other day someone told me that they loved one of […]

Ultimate Beginner’s Perler Bead Guide

Roblox Noob Perler Beads 1
Wonder Boy has been playing a lot of Roblox lately.  It’s such a cool platform, I can’t blame him.   He can escape prison one minute, then turn around and build an amusement park in the next.   When he gets tired of that he can move on and become a Pokemon. […]

Easy to Make Roblox Noob 3D Perler Bead Pattern

Artkal Bead Ironing Paper
The great folks over at Artkal Beads sent me a gift package.   One of the biggest things I’ve heard about Artkal vs Perler was that they have an amazing color selection.  Oh boy, do they ever.   I was super excited to see all the different colors of Artkal Beads.  Since […]

Artkal Bead Majora’s Mask from Legend of Zelda