10 Easy Halloween Perler Bead Patterns

easy Halloween Perler Bead patterns

10 super fun, creepy, and easy Halloween Perler Bead patterns

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.   I love the decorations, the costumes, the candy.   Oooo, and I really love carving pumpkins.  To help YOU get in the spirit of Halloween, here are some super easy Halloween Perler Bead patterns.  

These patterns are designed to be simple enough for kids of all ages.   If you’ve never used Perler Beads, check out my Ultimate Perler Bead guide before beginning.  

Supplies needed for these easy Halloween Perler Bead patterns

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You will need some Perler Bead supplies if you’ve never used fused beads before. I’d recommend this Perler Bead bucket since it has all the colors and pegboards you would need for each of these patterns The only other supply you will need is an iron.  

Unless noted, the patterns use a small square Perler Bead pegboard.  I used the small boards on all of these to make them easy Halloween Perler Bead patterns. Although more challenging Perler Bead projects can be fun, I like to keep it simple when I have kids involved.   These patterns will all be appropriate for the youngest Perler Bead artist.  

Perler Bead Jack-O-Lanterns

Perler Bead Jack-O-Lanterns are so easy you could actually just free hand them.   All you need to do is throw some beads in an ovular shape on a square pegboard, add some eyes, and VIOLA…jack-o-lantern.   Of course, if you aren’t into free handing here are 3 different Perler Bead jack-o-lantern patterns.   You can mix and match the faces on to any of the pumpkin shapes to customize the pattern to your liking.  

If you want to mix things up a bit, consider using glow in the dark Perler Beads in place of the black beads for a glow in the dark piece.  

jack-o-lantern patterns

Perler Bead Ghost

For this ghost pattern you will need a small heart pegboard. One of my favorite parts of this pattern is how the rounded top of the heart makes up the ghost’s head.  It reminds me of Casper the Friendly ghost.   

ghost Perler Bead pattern


I hate spiders!  I really REALLY hate them.  Unfortunately, the creepy creatures definitely makes the Halloween must have list.  To give him his creepy appendages I made him on a small star pegboard.  I made his eyes red because I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft lately, and those spiders have red eyes.  BUT I actually think this little arachnid would look better if his eyes were a piercing yellow.  It’s up to you.  Imagination is key when it comes to Perler Bead patterns.  

Perler Beads spider


A trip to the cemetery is a little kid’s nightmare on Halloween night, so no Halloween Perler Bead pattern list would be complete without at least one gravestone.  My Perler Bead gravestone is another easily modifiable pattern.  You can make it wider and write “RIP” on it, or make it a bit narrower and you’ll have a taller looking grave.

grave Perler Bead pattern

Candy Corn

Although I’m not a fan of candy corn, it is a staple of Halloween.   These candy corn Perler Bead patterns are easy to replicate on a small star pegboard.  One of the coolest parts of this simple pattern is that it’s easy to make three at a time all on one small board.  It’s the perfect pattern for smaller kids who don’t have the patience to finish a larger pattern.  

candy corn Perler Bead pattern

Perler Bead Frankenstein

It wouldn’t be Halloween without bringing the dead back to life.   Although the ghost pattern fits the bill, this Perler Bead Frankenstein is another cute way to celebrate the undead.  Although Frankenstein is traditionally scary, this Frankenstein is smiling.  It’s a fun way to create this scary monster.

Perler Bead Frankenstien

Black Cat

It’s been said time and time again to never let a black cat cross your path.  Well I have to say that I believe this cute Perler Bead black cat is the exception.  I made the cat with yellow eyes to match my very own black cat, but I think green eyes would be great too.   

black cat Perler Bead pattern


Although I think ALL of these easy Halloween Perler Bead patterns would be great with glow in the dark beads, I only used them in this simple skeleton.  He really looks great in the dark with his eyes dark and his skull glowing. If you don’t have glow in the dark beads, you can get them here or just use white.  

skeleton Perler Beads

Perler Bead Owl

I actually made this owl pattern for Harry Potter day.  So he’s Hedwig.  BUT, he makes the perfect Halloween owl too.  He’s done on a small hexagon pegboard.   I really like his color scheme, but you could easily change up his colors to make him look different.  I think I’ll make him again in the future with brown coloring.    

Perler Bead Owl

Witches Hat

No list of easy Halloween Perler Bead patterns would be complete without SOME kind of witch.  I have to admit that putting a full witch on a small pegboard was next to impossible, so I did the next best thing and just make a witches hat.  

Perler Bead witch hat

So there you have it 10 super easy Halloween Perler Bead patterns.  I hope you find some easy patterns to help you celebrate Halloween in your house.  Since most of these projects are fairly small they would make perfect fridge magnets.   All you need to do is glue a magnet on the back.   Then you’ll be able to put them out each year to celebrate the magic of Halloween.  

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