Captain America Funko Pop

If you are a fan of Marvel comics, this Captain America Funko Pop is a perfect addition to your collection.

Captain America Funko Pop by a fountain

Captain America is the great defender of the country he loves.

For me, on the other hand, eh,  I’m not a fan of Captain America.   I never have been.  In fact, when I saw the first Captain America movie I (brace yourself) fell asleep…twice.    Oh don’t judge me, I thought the movie was a snooze fest.  For that reason, I never saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier.   When Civil War came out, I already knew that it didn’t matter what the sides were, I was on Team Iron Man.   So, yeah, Captain America is not my favorite.  

All that being said, in my house, I am the only one who has this level of apathy for good old Cappy.    Everyone thinks I’m pretty un-American for not sharing their love of Captain America.   

When I was taking Iron Man out for a photo shoot they insisted that the Captain America Funko Pop come along.  So, he did.  

Iron Man and Captain America Funko Pops

Iron Man and Captain America hanging out before the great Civil War.

He is actually Paige’s Funko, but have to admit that he’s a pretty cute figurine. In fact, I like him better than the Iron Man in this Funko series.  He’s based on the comic Captain America, not the one from the movies.   

Captain America Funko Pop close up

A great close up of the Captain America Funko Pop.

Funko gave him a cute simplistic look that totally works in his signature red, white and blue suit.  You may even notice that this Marvel Funko Pop has wings on his helmet, further detailing his comic style.   The Captain America in the movies does not have a helmet with wings.  He would make a great addition to any Marvel fan’s collection.

Funko Pop Captain America

Comic book Captain America Funko Pop at the park.

If you are looking for a movie Captain America, Funko has you taken care of.  There are so many cool looking Funko Pops for him.   From unmasked to a sepia one,  there’s even one in black and white.   Some of the Captain America Funko Pops are vaulted, but most are still easily purchased.  

Do you have a Captain America Funko Pop in your collection?  Which one?  Let me know in the comments.  

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