Funko Fun

Pop! Yourself
Just a few months ago, I wrote a post about the amazing Funko icon generator on the Funko’s Japanese website.  This week, America’s Funko has released something similar.  It’s called Pop Yourself, and according to Funko is a way to create a fun Pop avatar of yourself that can be […]

Pop Yourself! Create a Fun Funko Avatar

Funko Pop Dancing Groot
For a character of so few words, I have to say that Groot is one of my favorites from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  Wonder Boy loved him and just HAD to have his own Dancing Groot Funko Pop.   With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 coming out […]

Dancing Groot Funko Pop

Funko Pop Rocket Raccoon
With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 coming out in May, it was time for us to update our Funko Pop collection.  Enter Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop.  Our whole family agrees that he was the funniest character in the first movie so he was a must have in our collection. […]

Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop

Malcolm Merlyn Funko Pop
Last year I started watching Arrow.  I didn’t really expect much from it, I figured it was another silly superhero show.  I was glad to be proven wrong.  Every aspect of the television series enthralled me, and I was an instant fan    As a Funko collector, I wanted the Pops […]

Malcolm Merlyn Funko Pop: 2016 SDCC Exclusive

Donald Duck Funko Pop
Secret Confession:  I love Donald Duck I’d have to say that Donald Duck was my first fandom.  Forget Mickey or Minnie, I loved the always excitable, completely erratic Donald Duck.   In my room as a child was a huge painting of Donald Duck that my uncle painted for me. […]

Donald Duck Funko Pop

Funko-Pop-Icon-Generator 4
OMG, look what we found!   A funtastic way Funko yourself.  Funko Japan has a Funko Pop Avatar generator on their website.    This avatar generator has been around for awhile, but I recently found out about it in an amazing Funko Facebook group I’m in.  Everyone in our house has […]

Funko Pop Avatar Generator: Funko Yourself for Fun

Rey Funko Pop Vinyl
If you didn’t know I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars.   Seriously folks, I love Star Wars.  In fact, most of my Funko Pops are Star Wars.   This Rey Funko Pop is one of the many Star Wars Funko I have in my collection. I was so excited when […]

Star Wars Rey Funko Pop

Iron Man Funko Pop
For this week’s Funko fun photography I took Iron Man off the shelf and brought him to the park. This classic Iron Man Funko Pop was released in 2011, and is still being made today.  I haven’t seen him at the store lately, but he is readily available online.   […]

Iron Man Funko Pop

Captain America Funko Pop by a fountain
If you are a fan of Marvel comics, this Captain America Funko Pop is a perfect addition to your collection. For me, on the other hand, eh,  I’m not a fan of Captain America.   I never have been.  In fact, when I saw the first Captain America movie I (brace […]

Captain America Funko Pop

Chewbacca Funko Pop
With the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story right around the corner, I thought it was time to show off at least one of my Star Wars Funko Pop. Funko and Disney have done a great job of releasing Star Wars Pops, and I’ve done a great job […]

Chewbacca Funko Pop

Kermit Funko Pop
My Kermit Story Being a child of the seventies, the Muppet Show was a staple in my house. I loved watching the antics of the frantic stage manage Kermit as he tried to wrangle all the crazy members of the Muppet Theater variety show.  It’s no wonder I love my […]

Kermit Funko Pop

Disney's Stitch 626 Funko Pop at the park
Even though they are 5 years apart, each of the kids has had an obsession with Lilo and Stitch at one point in their lives.   For both of them their favorite character was the lovable genetic mutation Stitch.  So of course, we have a Stitch Funko Pop in our collection. […]

Stitch Funko Pop

Jawa Star Wars Funko Pop 1
I’d like to introduce you to my Jawa Funko Pop.  Oh my word, in my house we love Funko Pop.   They are the perfect toy for collecting.  They are inexpensive, compact, and the company is based in America.  PLUS, there are so many different Pops to collect.  They have licenses […]

Jawa Funko Pop