Geeky Crafts

Wear and Tear on Sharpie mug. 8
If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen at least one DIY Sharpie mug.  What a super cool idea, you draw on a mug with a Sharpie, you bake it…Voila!   A wonderful customized mug with your child’s artwork to keep for all eternity.  From the […]

Easy to make DIY Kawaii Anime Sharpie Mug

Polymer clay pokeballs 8
In my house Pokemon is huge.  We’ve got hundreds of playing cards, an army of Pikachu plushies, dvds with the anime, more video games than I could count, and many MANY of the manga.  So when Wonder Boy wanted to start playing with polymer clay, I wanted to start with […]

How to Make polymer clay Pokeballs with Fimo

DIY Legend of Zelda Perler Bead nightlight
In my house we love Perler Beads.  They are so much fun!  Little plastic beads that are placed on a peg board then fused together with heat.  Serious fun, and seriously perfect for any geeky family to make all kinds of 8 bit creations.   But what happens to the […]

Perler Bead DIY Nightlight : Legend of Zelda