Perler Beads

Perler Bead sensory bottle
If you’re a fan of crafting with Perler Beads you know that one of the biggest appeals of them is their ability to transform into anything.   If you want to make a lightsaber, you make a Perler Bead lightsaber.  When you want to make a Pokeball, you can transform them […]

Glow in the Dark Perler Bead Sensory Bottle

Gravity Falls Crafts
A few weeks ago I shared with you our awesome Navi in a bottle made from Perler Beads.  At the time, Wonder Boy also came up with the idea to make a 3D Perler Bead Journal 3 and suspend it in a mason jar.   I’ve again teamed up with […]

Gravity Falls Crafts: Floating Perler Bead Journal 3

Perler Bead Demon Eye
From time to time Wonder Boy and I play Terraria.   It’s a 2 dimensional sandbox game.    You get to explore the land and battle fierce creature.  You even can do some crafting and building.   If you aren’t familiar with Terraria, think Minecraft, except in 2D.    We make […]

Perler Bead Demon Eye From Terraria

Where to find Perler Patterns 6
It doesn’t matter if you are new to Perler Beads or have been doing them for years, finding Perler Bead patterns to use for your projects can sometimes be a challenge.   Sometimes you just want inspiration to create your own masterpiece, and other times you want to easily re-create […]

10 Best Places To Find Perler Bead Patterns

Mickey Mouse DIY bookmarks 7
This week I’ve joined up with the amazing group at Geek Blogs Unite to celebrate the happiest place on earth, Disney!   I love Disney!   Yes, I really REALLY do.  I watched The New Mickey Mouse Club as a kid, and I’ve spent several decades collecting everything Donald Duck.  I remember […]

DIY Mickey Mouse Perler Bead Bookmarks

perler bead Navi in a bottle
Hey! Listen!  Are you a Zelda fan who wants to have your own Navi the fairy by your side?  If so, I’ve got the perfect Perler Bead craft for you.  It’s easy, inexpensive, and fun to make.  If you really don’t want a fairy in your jar, you can put […]

Zelda Crafts: Perler Bead DIY Navi in a Bottle

8-bit Mario Star Perler Bead pattern
One of the coolest things about making old school video game sprites is the fact that many of them are so easy.  This Perler Bead Star from Super Mario is no exception.  If you are looking for other Perler Bead patterns from the Mario world, check out the links below. […]

Perler Bead Star From Super Mario

Take a look at what we got!   It’s a Perler Bead Pen!  We make a lot of Perler Bead creations in our house.  So, when we saw a Perler Bead pen for sale on Amazon I knew we’d have to have one.  I thought I’d do a quick Perler Bead […]

Perler Bead Pen Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Yoshi egg Perler Bead sprite with stand.
The other day, Wonder Boy and I were busy making sprites with Perler Beads when I decided I wanted to make a stand for my Yoshi Egg.  I’ve seen many designs where the artist added a stand, so I knew it would be easy to make a Perler Bead stand. […]

How to Make a Perler Bead Stand: Yoshi Egg

Perler Bead Goomba
I can’t help but loving the evil Goomba from the Mario series of video games.  I mean, come on, he’s a mushroom.  What’s not to love? This is a small Perler Bead pattern that doesn’t take long to make.   It only needs 4 colors: brown, gray, white and black. […]

Perler Bead Goomba from Super Mario

Perler Bead Pokeball box 2
We’ve been busy making 3D perler bead creations again.  I saw this amazing Totoro trinket box on Pinterest and instantly thought we needed one that was shaped like a Pokeball.   I knew it would be simple to make a 3D Perler Bead Pokemon box.  It was, but there were a […]

How to make a 3D Perler Bead Pokemon Box

Perler Bead Hylian Sword
I promised last time when I posted Wonder Boy’s Hylian Shield that I would find his Perler Bead Hylian Sword. Guess what?  I did!  All I had to do was ask Wonder Boy where it was and he went and got it for me. This Perler Bead Hylian Sword pattern […]

Perler Bead Hylian Sword from Legend of Zelda

Zelda Shield Perler Bead Pattern
Wonder Boy is still going crazy for all things Legend of Zelda.   So, I wasn’t surprised when he made this Perler Bead Hylian Shield. The pattern is so simple, it only took him a few minutes to put it together.   He also made a sword, but I just […]

Perler Bead Hylian Shield from Legend of Zelda

Perler Bead Pokeballs
Sometimes you’re just looking for something simple to do with Perler Beads.   These Perler Bead rainbow Pokeballs are perfect.   You can make them on a round peg board in just a few minutes. If you are looking for another Pokemon Perler Bead pattern, check out this Gengar. You […]

Perler Bead Rainbow Pokeballs

Pokemon earbud holder 1
We are going crazy with the Pokemon crafts.   It seems that lately it’s the only thing that interests Wonder Boy, and I do try to make things that he’d be interested in.   When I saw a tutorial for making Perler Bead earbud holders in the shape of a cookie on […]

How to make a Perler Bead Pokemon Earbud Holder

Gengar Perler Bead Pattern
Here’s a fairly simple Gengar Perler Bead pattern.  Wonder Boy made it because Gengar is his favorite Pokemon.   He even made the eyes and smile with glow in the dark Perler Beads. If you are looking for a simple pokeball pattern to go with Gengar, check out these rainbow […]

Perler Bead Gengar from Pokemon

Perler bead lightsabers
Perler bead lightsabers are easy to make and easy to customize with your own colors and hilt design.   A perfect Perler bead creation for Star Wars fans.  Consider using glow in the dark Perler beads for the center of the lightsaber to add a little fun.   We did […]

Perler Bead Lightsabers

Perler Bead Fireflower from Mario
This pattern for a Nintendo fireflower could also be used to make an iceflower sprite.  Two or three shades of blue instead of the red, yellow and orange.   It’s two patterns for the price of one. You might also like this 8-bit Mario Perler Bead pattern.  Of course you can’t […]

Perler Bead Fireflower from Super Mario

DIY Legend of Zelda Perler Bead nightlight
In my house we love Perler Beads.  They are so much fun!  Little plastic beads that are placed on a peg board then fused together with heat.  Serious fun, and seriously perfect for any geeky family to make all kinds of 8 bit creations.   But what happens to the […]

Perler Bead DIY Nightlight : Legend of Zelda

8-bit Mario Perler bead pattern 1
This Perler Bead 8-bit Mario pattern can be changed to a Luigi pattern by simply using green Perler Beads instead of red. You might also like this Fireflower Perler or Goomba Bead pattern.

Perler Bead 8-bit Mario