Donald Duck Funko Pop

Donald Duck Funko Pop

In the cartoons, he may not have always been smiling, but this Donald Duck Funko Pop is greeting you with a giant smile.

Secret Confession:  I love Donald Duck

I’d have to say that Donald Duck was my first fandom.  Forget Mickey or Minnie, I loved the always excitable, completely erratic Donald Duck.  

In my room as a child was a huge painting of Donald Duck that my uncle painted for me.  Instead of primary colors it was painted in neon paint.   For me, it was the coolest painting EVER because it glowed under a blacklight.   I thought it was AWESOME.   It was that painting that started my love that temperamental duck.  

The painting still resides in the playroom today.  It’s a keeper, for sure.

I’m not going to lie, my family thought it was appropriate that I loved Donald Duck. According to them, I mirrored his hot tempered personality.  Oh yeah, I was a pistol. It didn’t take me much to lose my temper.  It still doesn’t.  

Random Crazy Fact About Me:   In my very first apartment, my first Christmas tree exclusively contained Donald Duck ornaments.  I collected more and more each year.  Although my tree now is made up of more than just Donald Duck ornaments, there are still quite a few on it.   

Disney's Donald Duck Funko Pop

Hanging out at the park with Donald Duck Funko Pop

Since I loved Donald so very much I knew I had to have the Donald Duck Funko Pop in my collection.   I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite Pop.  As you can see from the pictures, it’s cute. He’s got a big cheesy grin.  For me though, I would have rather seen a Donald Duck who was a little bit feistier.   

Funko Pop Donald Duck

Funko Pop Donald Duck about to take a dive into the water.

Donald Duck Funko Pop facts

Donald Duck made a great addition to the Disney Series 3 of Funko Pop.   The Funko was created for sale at the Disney Store, and it was released in 2012. The Funko in that Disney Store series included, Donald Duck, Peter Pan, Captian Hook, Winnie the Pooh, an Alien and Emperor Zurg from Toy Story, and Elastigirl and Edna E. Mode from The Incredibles.   The whole Disney Series 3 has since been vaulted.  You can still find most of them though on Amazon or Ebay, if you are willing to pay for them.    

Do you have any of the Funko Pop from this series?  I only have the Donald Duck Funko Pop,  but looking back I wish I would have snatched up some more of them.   

Want more Funko Photography? I’ve got plenty.


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