Funko Pop Avatar Generator: Funko Yourself for Fun 4

OMG, look what we found!   A funtastic way Funko yourself.  Funko Japan has a Funko Pop Avatar generator on their website.   

This avatar generator has been around for awhile, but I recently found out about it in an amazing Funko Facebook group I’m in.  Everyone in our house has their own collection of Funko Pops, so we didn’t waste any time trying it out.  

Look at me I’m a Funko!

Funko Icon Generator

I made a Funko of myself. Such fun!

The Funko Pop icon generator gives you the options to change all of the following:

  • Hair
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Accessories

How to use the Funko Pop Avatar Generator

Start by going to  The website is in Japenese, but Google can translate it for you.   Plus, even without the translations it’s easy to figure it out.

All you do to Funko yourself is click on each of the options and then select the customization that you want.  

Funko Avatar Generator

The Funko Pop Avatar Generator is easy to use by clicking on each of the categories.

Some of the customization categories even give you the choice of enlarging or moving the feature.   That way if you want to give yourself long lean legs, you can.  Or if you want giant eyebrows, go for it. 

Once you’ve clicked on all the options and have Funkoed yourself you can change the background of your image.   Finally, you can download the image to your computer or phone.   It would make the perfect social media profile picture.  

It isn’t perfect though.  

Unfortunately, the Funko Pop avatar generator doesn’t have a huge variety of choices for you to Funko yourself.

I couldn’t even find hair that looked like mine.   

There is also only a limited selection of clothing and accessories to choose from.  Thankfully jeans and t-shirts were among the choices.  

For some reason, there is only one nose. You can’t even remove that one nose.   Whaaaattt?  Why even make it an option?  

The biggest disappointment with the Funko Pop icon generator is that there isn’t the option to change the skin tone.   I mean seriously???  A total fail if you ask me.   

I’d like to think there would be improvements in the future for more choices, but it looks like it’s been out there for awhile.  So I’m thinking it is what it is.  

We made do with the choices though and turned ourselves into Funko.   

Wonder Boy’s Funko looks just like him.   He thought it was the coolest thing EVER to see himself in Funko Pop form.   He even added a little dinosaur accessory because he thought it was cute.   

Funko Pop Icon Generator

Wonder Boy as a Funko Pop. He really wanted that dinosaur.

Paige’s Funko represents her perfectly.   She loves beanies, and they actually had one she could use.  She’s also always wearing tank tops and combat boots so the “Lara Croft” look suits her well.   


I had to give Paige a snarl. She loved the way hers came out.

We also played around with silly combos for fun.   You can see from the image below many of the choices you can make.   

Once you Funko yourself, post it on instagram and tag me @krysannthe I’d love to see how you look as a Funko.

Edit:  As of May 2017 Funko America has it’s own Pop! Yourself avatar generator.   It’s certainly worth checking out that way to Pop! Yourself.


You too can be a Funko Pop with this fun Funko Pop creator.

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