Welcome to my geeky shop!  Here you will find unique products to celebrate your inner geek.  Each of my geeky collections you’ll see below has a variety of items to choose from.   

Bonus points:  You can even personalize or customize most of them.  

So, no matter if you are the geek or you’re shopping for a geek, there is something for you.   We’ve got t-shirts, key chains, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and even shopping bags.  

The links below each image will lead you to my Zazzle store.   There you can see the full line of each geeky collection.  I am a Zazzle affiliate, but each of the items are my creations.   Being an affiliate means that if you choose to buy something after clicking the link I will earn a small commission.  This will not affect the price you pay for the product.   See my full disclosure for more details.  

Nerdy and girly products

The “Nerdy & Girly” collection pretty much sums up how I feel about myself.  Yep folks, I’m both girly and TOTALLY nerdy.   


funny gamer products

Check out this funny collection for the gamer in your life.   Yep, my sarcasm shows through on this collection, but come on haven’t we all had these moments in our life.  


geek is chic products

Fellow geeks, we all know geek is chic.  Well now you can broadcast that fact to all you meet with my “Geek is Chic” collection.  Heck, there’s even a bumper sticker so you can put it on your car.   


Anime Products

This “Too Kawaii For You” collection is inspired by my daughters love of anime.   Only the good lord knows how many times I’ve heard her say the word kawaii.  So I just had to create something for her.  You’ll also find her artwork and other funny anime related items in the collection.

Thanks you so much for stopping by my geeky little virtual store.   If you ever find you like a graphic in a collection and can’t find it an item you want please feel free to contact me.   I would love to create something especially for you.  

When I’m not playing with Perler Beads and making other geeky crafts I let my creativity loose in my Zazzle store, so if you didn’t find something you like today stop by again sometime I’ll be updating my geeky shop as new products become available.