How to Make a Perler Bead Stand: Yoshi Egg

The other day, Wonder Boy and I were busy making sprites with Perler Beads when I decided I wanted to make a stand for my Yoshi Egg.  I’ve seen many designs where the artist added a stand, so I knew it would be easy to make a Perler Bead stand.  

O M G it was really REALLY easy.   So easy that I knew I had to share it with you ASAP.  

Ohhh, Ohhh, plus, one of the coolest parts is that no glue is needed for this simple project.  If done correctly the project just snaps together.  All you need is Perler Beads.

Yoshi egg Perler Bead sprite with stand.

It’s easy to make any Perler Bead design stand tall by following this tutorial.


Don’t let the fact that I made a Yoshi Egg with a stand discourage you from reading on   You can really add a stand to any Perler Bead creation that you make.   This Fireflower would be perfect with a stand.  Mario would also be epic if he was standing.   

If the Mario world is not your thing, you could add a stand to Link.  

Honestly, any small sprite would be awesome with a stand.

I’m totally envisioning a whole chess set made with different geeky sprites.   Pssh, I’m envisioning it; I doubt I’d have the time to make it.  But it would be so cool.  

Perler Bead Stand Sprite

The pattern below is the Yoshi egg I made.   You see that arrow in the picture?   Where that arrow is you will need to add 4 more beads before melting.   It’s how the sprite will connect to the base.  

Perler Bead Stand Sprite

By simply adding 4 black beads where the arrow is you can attach your Perler Bead creation to a base to make it 3-D

It’s simple to convert if you are making a Perler Bead stand for something besides this Yoshi egg. All you will need to do is add an extra row of beads to the bottom of that sprite.  

Perler Bead Stand Base

The pattern for the base is below.  

Perler Bead stand base

Don’t forget to remove the 4 place holder beads before ironing your Perler Bead stand base.

I used the pink Perler Beads to mark the center of the pegboard.  I then designed my base around it.  Those pink beads were removed before I melted the beads. That way there was a hole in the pattern for the sprite to fit into.  .  

Once both the sprite and the base are melted and cooled they will snap together like a puzzle.   You may need to use a bit of elbow grease to get them to fit together, but trust me.  It will fit.  

Tips and tricks for designing your own Perler Bead stand 

If you want to do this Perler Bead craft, but Yoshi isn’t really your thing here are some tips when designing.  

  • Choose a smaller sprite.   If the sprite is too large, you may have issues getting it to stand up.  My advice is that on your first try keep the Perler Bead pattern to one board.  That way you can get an idea how the base and sprite fit together.  You can always go larger, you’ll just need a larger base.  
  • The base will need to be as big as the widest spot of the sprite to keep the sprite from being too heavy.  So, if your sprite is one board big, the base will also need to be that big.   It’s actually better to make it a bit bigger.  
  • Get creative with your base.   If you are making a Pokemon Perler bead sprite, consider making a Pokeball base.  Say you are making a flower, then you could use different shades of green, like your sprite in in grass.  For my Yoshi sprite I chose to make the base look like the grass in Super Mario.   It works.  
  • When designing your base, it’s best to place the beads you will eventually remove first.   That way you know exactly where your sprite will be on your Perler Bead design.  
  • Make sure you lay books on your sprite and base right after you fuse them until they are cooled.  This will keep both of them from warping, and they will lie perfectly flat.  

Have fun!  Let me know how your Perler Bead stand comes out.  


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