How to Make polymer clay Pokeballs with Fimo 6

In my house Pokemon is huge.  We’ve got hundreds of playing cards, an army of Pikachu plushies, dvds with the anime, more video games than I could count, and many MANY of the manga.  So when Wonder Boy wanted to start playing with polymer clay, I wanted to start with something Pokemon themed.  Polymer clay Pokeballs seemed like it would be a simple and fun place to start.    

DIY Fimo Pokeballs

It’s easy to make Pokeballs from polymer clay.

Supplies for polymer clay Pokeballs

  • Red, white and black polymer clay
  • Eye Pins
  • Plastic Roller
  • Craft knife
Polymer clay pokeballs

These fimo pokeballs turned out so cute and were fun to make.

Instructions to make polymer clay Pokeballs

When following the instructions, know that you will be making, not one, but two polymer clay Pokeballs.  We actually made 8 of them, and it didn’t take us long at all.  

To start, use the lines on the polymer clay to make similar sized pieces of red and white.   It’s really important that the pieces are the same size since we will be putting them together to make the Pokeball later in the project.

Next take white piece of clay and roll it between your hands to form a ball.

Do the same thing with the red piece of clay.  Red polymer clay will stain your hands so that’s why we started with the white clay.

You should now have a red and a white round ball of clay.  They should be identical in size.  

Take a cookie sheet and line it with parchment paper to keep the balls from sticking to the sheet.   Stick them in the freezer for about 15 – 20 minutes.  This is to cool down the polymer clay to make it easier to cut.  

After removing them from the freezer cut each ball in half.   

Then gently put a red half and a white half together to make one ball.  You may have to reshape the pieces a little to make them match.  

Next take a piece of black polymer clay and roll it out very thin.   You’ll need to cut a strip to make the black band of the Pokeball.  This was the hardest part of the whole project for us.  The first time I tried it, my strip wasn’t long enough to go around the ball.  Then the next time it stuck to the paper plate I was rolling it out on.  I FINALLY got it on the third try, but it was way thicker than I wanted it to be.  At that point though, I really didn’t care.   Wonderboy, never could get his the right length to roll out and cut, after several failed tries he just asked me to roll and cut his.    Paige’s was fine, but she watched us get frustrated and fail first before she even tried.  Smart kid, right?

Once you’ve cut it, Take your very difficult to make black strip of clay and wrap it around the center of your ball.  You’ll want to press it down gently so it will stick.  

Now take a small piece of black clay and roll it into a ball, then flatten it.   Place it on the ball to cover the seam of the black strip.  It’s the latch of your polymer clay Pokeball.  Do the same with an even smaller piece of white and do the same.  It goes in the center of your black circle.  

Finally, get an eye pin and place it on top of the red part of the ball.  

Your polymer clay Pokeballs are now ready to bake.   W00T!  Follow the baking instructions on the polymer clay.  It’s really important with working with polymer clay to bake it properly so the Pokeball will be durable.  We baked ours at 230 degrees for 30 minutes, but I know other brands have other instructions.  So check the kind that you have before baking.  

Polymer clay pokeballs

We turned our Fimo pokeballs into key chains, but you could also make zipper pulls or charms.

Since you’ve put an eye pin in the top of the polymer clay pokeball you can turn it into anything you’d like.  They make great bracelet charms, key chains, zipper pulls or even necklaces.

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