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I’d like to introduce you to my Jawa Funko Pop.  Oh my word, in my house we love Funko Pop.   They are the perfect toy for collecting.  They are inexpensive, compact, and the company is based in America.  PLUS, there are so many different Pops to collect.  They have licenses for everything from Sponge Bob Square Pants to Nightmare on Elm Street, with everything in between.   Talk about a geeky family’s dream.   No matter what your fandom, there is more than likely a Pop that will satisfy.  We love going into FYE and just digging through their shelves looking for one we may not have purchased yet.  

Somewhere along the line I started taking my Funko out in the world and taking pictures of them.   Even, my kids thought I was a little nuts.  The first time Wonder Boy saw me with a Funko in my purse the conversation went like this:

Wonder Boy:  Mom, why do you have a minion in your purse?

Me:  Why wouldn’t I?

Wonder Boy:  BUT why would you?

Me:  You never know when you might need a minion.  

So that was that. From then on whenever they see a Funko in my purse they just say…”you never know when you might need (insert Funko character here).  

Now that I have my own little space out on the ether I’m going to periodically share my Funko Pop collection with you through photography.  

For this first post I thought I’d show off my first Funko Pop.   

Meet Jawa #20.   Not only is this little guy my first Funko, but he’s also my favorite Funko.  He was a gift from my kids.  So he’s extra special.  

Jawa Star Wars Funko Pop

This Jawa Funko Pop is defending his home in a tree.

The first time I saw him at the store I fell in love with his eyes.  They really look lighted, like a Jawa.  No other Funko I’ve owned has had such cool looking eyes.  In addition, the mold for the Jawa is spectacular.  It’s a perfect representation of the the Star Wars iconic technology scavenger.  If you look closely you can see that even his black face wrap is detailed.

Jawa Star Wars Funko Pop

I love this Jawa’s glowing eyes. What a cute Pop

Jawa #20 was originally released in 2012 by Funko. That’s when I got mine.  He came in a lovely blue box.  Which, according to the internet, is apparently worth about $70 bucks now.   I’d never sell him though.  Like I said, he’s my favorite.  

No worries if you want to add this Star Wars scavenger to your collection.  It won’t cost you $70 bucks.   My blue box Jawa #20 was vaulted,  that’s why he’s worth so much.  Funko unvaulted Jawa #20 in 2015.  The only difference between the current Jawa #20 and mine is the color of the box.  Unvaulted Funkos are in black boxes, but their mold is exactly the same.   So you can get him pretty much anywhere for the normal Funko Pop price.  

Star Wars Funko Pop Jawa

This Funko Pop Jawa makes an appearance through the grass.

So what was your first Funko Pop?   Which is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments.  

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