How to make Christmas Perler Bead Gift Tags

Perler Bead Gift tag

Give your Christmas gifts a personal touch with these easy to make Perler Bead gift tags.

Christmas is a busy time of year.  It’s like the world is on overdrive from the week before Thanksgiving until after the last present is unwrapped.  

All the hustle and bustle of the holiday season leaves me little time for creating new Perler Bead projects.  That’s why I decided to incorporate some Perler Beading into the holiday season.

I’ve said time and time again that Perler Beads make perfect gifts.  Today, I’m going to show you how they make perfect gift tags.  That’s right, I’m going to take some of my smaller Perler Bead creations and turn them into Perler Bead gift tags.  

This is so easy to make, that I’m sure you can see exactly how to do it by the pictures.   That being said, I’m still going to give you directions just in case you have any questions.  So lets make some Christmas Perler Bead gift tags.

Supplies needed for Perler Bead Gift tags

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If you are looking for some ideas for small Perler Bead designs check out my 10 easy Christmas Perler Bead patterns for inspiration. The patterns for the 3 pictured are all in that post.  Keep in mind that you’ll need one creation for each gift tag you plan on making.  This is the perfect Christmas craft to do with your kids.  They can really create anything to put on a gift tag, and the recipient of the gift will love the fact that the tag was handmade by them.

If you’re new to using Perler Beads I’ve got an Ultimate Perler Bead guide to help you with everything you need to know about melting beads.   

A quick word on the gift tags.  I bought mine.  But, you can easily make any size gift tag you like by using a thick card stock and punching a hole in the top of it.  Or if you are just going to tape them on the presents you don’t even need a hole in the top.

Making your Perler Bead gift tags

The first thing you need to do is make your Perler Bead creation to put on your gift tag.  No rules here at all except your tag will be much sturdier if the size of the bead creation isn’t larger than the gift tag.  So smaller is better.   You can see I used a stocking and some gifts.  Other easy ideas that are in my Easy Christmas Perler Bead patterns post are the candy, the candy cane, and the tree.  

If you don’t buy your gift tags, you’ll need to make some blank tags. Keep this part simple.  Cut a piece of cardstock into rectangles that are 2 inches by 4 inches.  This will give you 10 gift tags per piece of cardstock.  You can round the edges if you want to get fancy.  You can then punch a hole in the top of the tag to hang it from a gift.

The next step is to write wording on the tags. I kept mine simple by just writing “to” and “from,” but you can write anything.   I learned the hard way, that it’s much easier to write on the tags before you add any embellishment.  

After you’ve added your wording you can add some washi tape.  Wrap a piece of tape all the way around the tag to that the edges meet on the front of the tag.  That allows you to cover the seam of the washi tape up with your Perler Bead creation in the next step.

I will say that I added sparkly washi tape to our gift tags just to give them a little bit of pizzazz.  If you don’t have washi tape to add, it’s no big deal.  Your gift tags will still look amazing.   Or, if you are really inspired you could also use one or more of the following embellishments:

  • Ribbon
  • Sequins
  • Rhinestone stickers

Once you’ve got the washi tape positioned where you want it, it’s time to glue on your Perler Bead design.  Put a dab of hot glue on the Perler Bead design and then position it on to your gift tag.  

That’s it!  You’ve now got amazing Perler Bead gift tags.

Perler Bead gift tags

An easy way to customize your Christmas Gifts, Perler Bead gift tags.

 My favorite part about making these tags is that it’s an amazing use of all those small Perler Bead projects.  You or your kids can really make your presents stand out this year by personalizing each gift with a customized gift tag.  

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