How to make Emoji Perler Bead Pots

Perler Bead pots

It’s so easy to make these cute Emoji Perler Bead pots.

Emoji’s are big with kids right now.  Heck, they even made a whole movie centered around emoji.  Making these simple emoji Perler Bead pots was so much fun, and OMG, so easy.   The kids loved making them. Plus, they turned out so cute.   

This project is perfect for the beginner Perler Bead artist, because the patterns used are simple, and you end up with an amazingly useful flower pot.  

Supplies needed for Emoji Perler Bead Pots

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  • 4 inch terracotta pot and base (you need one for each pot you want to make)
  • Perler Beads and all needed supplies for making Perler Beads
  • Yellow craft paint or spray paint
  • Spray clear coat sealant (optional)
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun

A few words about the supplies before we begin.  

First of all, if you are going to make this craft and are new to using Perler Beads, this truly is a simple project that your kids will love.  Oh, and It’s a great place to start your beading adventure.  Just head on over to my Ultimate Perler Bead Guide before beginning for loads of hits and tips before you begin.

Secondly, we used plain old yellow craft paint.  You know, the kind you get at the craft store for 99 cents?  It worked perfectly, but in hindsight, this project would have been LOADS easier if we just would have spray painted the pots yellow with a glossy paint.  It would have eliminated the need for a clear coat, and would have cut the time to create this project in half.  PLUS, my kids love it when I let them play with spray paint, so I’m sure yours would too.  

Making your Perler Bead Emoji Faces

The first part of making these cute emoji pots is to make the Perler Bead pieces for each one. For us, I think the hardest part was picking an emoji to put on our pots. We each free handed our own pattern based on smaller Perler Bead emoji.  

Below are patterns for the 3 emoji we have chosen. But there are so many different emoji  to choose from and they are so simple to make, you can easily create your own.  The only advice I have in making your own is to make sure that you’ve got 2 rows of beads for each piece.   With only one I’d be worried that the Perler Beads would be as sturdy and it could break.

Emoji Perler Bead Patterns

Surprised, sweating, and cool emoji patterns are what we choose, but it’s easy to make your own emoji Perler Bead patterns.

 You’ll make your emoji on a pegboard and then iron it on both sides just like you would any other Perler Bead project.  After you’ve melted both sides put a heavy book on them to make sure they lay flat.  

Painting the Pots

Next you need to paint your terracotta pots and bases.  We used cheap craft paint, and had to apply about 4 coats to get it to cover the whole pot.  After you paint your pots yellow,  spray them both with a clear acrylic spray.  

Spraying them with the clear coat gives you two benefits.  First it makes the finished pot glossy, so it looks better.  Secondly, terracotta pots absorb a ton of water.  The water could seep through the paint eventually breaking down the glue used to hold the Perler Bead emoji pieces in place.  I KNOW you don’t want your emoji’s eye to fall off in the future.  The spray seals it perfectly.  

Now if you choose the easy method and spray paint the pots, WELL DONE!!  Just buy a can of spray paint that has the sealer already in it, like this yellow paint, and you don’t need the clear coat.  

Finishing your Emoji Perler Bead Pots

The final step in creating these cute little flower pots is to glue on the face pieces.   We used hot glue for this step.  Mostly because it would dry quickly, and you want it to dry quickly so you don’t have to sit there forever holding an eyeball to your pot.     

Perler Bead Emoji

Just place a dab of hot glue on the Perler Bead piece and stick it where ever you want it on the pot. Watch that you don’t place the piece too low because you want to be able to see the whole face when you put the pot into the base.  

All that’s left to do now is fill the pots up with dirt and a plant.  As you can see, we chose to give our emoji pots hair, and we planted them with wheat grass for our precious kitty to munch on.  If you do want to give your pot hair, here’s a link to the wheat grass seeds that we used.   Just know that if you don’t have a feline friend to feast on it, you may have to give your pot a haircut from time to time.  Plus, the grass won’t last forever.  You may have to replant it every few months.  

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