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Perler Bead Deal with it glasses

Easy to make Perler Bead Deal With It Glasses.

Wonder Boy got the idea the other day that he wanted to make a pair of “Deal With It” glasses out of Perler Beads.  

My idea was that he use interlocking Perler Beads where the arms snap into the glasses, but OH NO, he wanted working hinges.   


Now this frugal mamma wasn’t about to go on a shopping spree to find hinges.   Seriously, I have better things to spend my pennies on.  So, we brainstormed a bit, and I came up with an excellent idea on how to put working “hinges” on his Perler Bead deal with it glasses.

Surprisingly, they work.   You can even see through them.   Now he walks through the house saying “deal with it” all the time.    Annoying, right?   He’s happy though.  

Supplies needed for Perler Bead deal with it glasses

  • Black and white Perler Beads
  • 2 large Perler Bead pegboards
  • Perler Bead ironing paper
  • Iron
  • Small scrap of black felt
  • Wax paper
  • E6000 glue

Instructions for Perler Bead deal with it glasses

If you’re new to Perler Beads, but just are dying to make these glasses, check out my Ultimate Perler Bead Guide for some help getting started with beading.  It’s chock full of some great Perler tips and trick for noobs.

These deal with it glasses take 3 Perler Bead pieces to make.  

The glasses are the perfect size for my 10 year old son’s face, but the arms are almost too small for me.  So if you want to make them for an adult, consider adding a couple of beads to the arms on each end.   

The patterns for all three pieces are pictured below.  All you need to do is make the pieces according to the pattern.  You will need two large pegboards to make the glasses part, and only one large pegboard for the arms.  

Perler Bead Deal with it glasses pattern

Arm pattern for Perler Bead glasses

After you’ve melted the Perler Beads, you’ll want to place a heavy book on the pieces while they cool.   This helps to keep each piece flat.   I hate warped pieces on 3D Perler Bead projects.   It makes them so much harder to work with when crafting.  

Adding hinges

Perler Bead glasses pieces

Once we put these pieces together, we’ll have amazing Perler Bead “deal with it” glasses.

Once your Perler Bead pieces have cooled you’ll need to make your “hinges.”   These are really easy to make since they are just made out of black felt.  

Start by cutting 2 pieces of black felt that are 2 inches long and about ¼ inch tall.  

Next line up your glasses and one arm as pictured in the image below.    Apply your E6000 glue to one of the pieces of felt, and then put the felt on top of the Perler Bead pieces so that it connects the two pieces.  That image below also shows the felt placement.  

Perler Bead Glasses hinge

Here’s a view of where you should glue your felt. So easy, right?

Repeat with the second arm and piece of black felt.  

If you aren’t familiar with E6000 glue it takes about 30 minutes to bond and 24 hours to dry completely.  Because I wanted a great sturdy bond, I placed a piece of wax paper (to keep the glue from bleeding on the book) on top of the project.   Then I placed a heavy book on top of the whole thing and just left it for a day.   

The gap between the pieces became the hinge, so now the deal with it glasses can open and fold like any other glasses.  So cool, right?

Now, I won’t lie and say this it THE most sturdiest pair of glasses ever.  BUT I did yank on the pieces slightly and they didn’t come apart.  Wonder Boy has worn them many times and the bond hasn’t been compromised at all.  

Deal with it glasses

Other ideas for Perler Bead glasses

Ok, so not every kid wants to make Perler Bead deal with it glasses, but think of all the other cool glasses your kids can make.

  • Use their favorite color
  • Make a rainbow on the glasses
  • Make them in their school’s colors.
  • Add a checkerboard to the glasses.   
  • Use holiday themed colors.  You know, red and green for Christmas or Pink and Red for Valentine’s Day
  • The glasses are big enough to even add a small picture inside the glasses like a heart, flower or a Mario mushroom.  
  • You could even change the shape of the glasses if you needed more space for your child’s creativity.  

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times…no really I’ve said it 1000 times.  Perler Beads are such an amazing way to bring out the creativity in your child.   You can do ANYTHING with them.  BUT today, you can make their very own custom glasses.   Plus, if they’re into meme’s they can be “deal with it” glasses.

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