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We are going crazy with the Pokemon crafts.   It seems that lately it’s the only thing that interests Wonder Boy, and I do try to make things that he’d be interested in.   When I saw a tutorial for making Perler Bead earbud holders in the shape of a cookie on Youtube, I knew that I could easily change the instructions up a bit and make an amazing Perler Bead Pokemon earbud holder that was shaped like a Pokeball. 

Pokeball earbud holder

A fun and easy craft to make with your Perler Beads; Pokeball earbud holder

Supplies needed for Perler Bead Pokemon Earbud Holder

  • Red, white, and black Perler Beads
  • Round Perler Bead pegboard
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun

Instructions for making Perler Bead Pokemon Earbud Holder

This project is made by gluing 4 different shapes together to form the final earbud holder.  So you’ll need to start by creating each of them.   You can see the patterns in the picture below.

Pokemon earbud holder pattern

The pattern for each piece of the Pokemon Earbud holder is simple.

The larger Pokeballs are for the outside of the Pokeball earbud holder.   They are indented so you can hook your earbud wires into them.  The smaller ones are for the inside.   Those two don’t have to look like a Pokeball, but I made mine that way because I hate when the wrong colors are showing through on my 3-D Perler Bead projects.  Meh, I guess that’s the perfectionist in me.  

If you are unfamiliar on Perler Beads and how to use them, I have some instructions HERE.  

It’s important that these 4 pieces are flat or they won’t be able to glue together properly.   Since Perler Bead creations sometimes curl up when melting you’ll want to grab some heavy books and place them on your Pokeballs when they are cooling.   That helps keep them from curling up.

Don’t worry if you forget that step because if you have less than flat Pokeballs you can just heat them up again with an iron and place the books on them again.   I know this because that’s EXACTLY what happened to me.   Sigh.  

Final Steps for Pokeball Earbud Holders

All that’s left to do now is glue your 4 Perler Bead Pokeballs together.  If you don’t have a hot glue gun you can also use E6000 glue which works great on Perler Bead projects.  

Start by taking one of the big Pokeballs and putting hot glue on it.   Then line up the patterns in that one with a small Pokeball.   Place it on top, and then press down on it to make sure the glue adheres.   

Next put hot glue on the small Pokeball that has been attached to the larger one.   Put another small one on top of that in the same method as above.   Think of it as making a Pokeball sandwich with the smaller Pokeballs in the middle.   

You’ll finish up by putting hot glue on the top smaller Pokeball and adding the final large Pokeball.   Let your hot glue cool off and your Pokeball earbuds are ready to go.  

Assembling Pokemon Earbud holder

Here are the simple steps for gluing your Pokemon earbud holder

I love how simple this Pokemon craft was to complete.   It’s also easily adaptable.   You can take any round Perler Bead pattern and turn them into earbud holders.  Captain America’s shield is the first thing that pops into my head, but emojis would be great too, or even a cool geometric pattern.   The possibilities are endless.  

Pokemon earbud holder

A fun craft for any Pokemon lover – Pokeball earbud holder

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  • Nyanla

    I LOVE it! <3 Making stuff with perler beads is already fun as it is, and you're giving here an idea for something fun and geeky, but above all also very useful – I am not the only one fighting with my headphones all tangled up in my purse I imagine hahah ^^