How to make Easy Pokemon Snow Globes

Make Pokemon Snow Globes

It’s so easy to make Pokemon snow globes. It’s the perfect craft for the Pikachu lover in your life. Plus, the kids will love making them to display in their room.

Looking for a fun and easy craft for the kids to make?  I’ve got the perfect idea for you; Pokemon snow globes!   

We took the water out of the equation to keep the mess to a minimum, and we couldn’t be more pleased about how cute these little Pokemon snow globes turned out.  Plus, they were so easy that we made a couple extra to give as gifts to the Pikachu lovers in our life.  


Supplies needed to make Pokemon snow globes

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Let’s talk about supplies for a minute.

First of all, we used these fancy looking DIY snow globes that I happened upon at the craft store.  They weren’t cheap, but they were 70% off, so I bought them. Originally we had planned to use small mason jars.  So don’t feel like you can’t make them because you don’t have a fancy looking globe.  Any small  jar would work.    

You can use small mason jars, baby food jars, or any small jar you have lying around the house.  My only suggestion would be to take some spray paint and paint the jar lid if you’re using something like a Cheez Whiz jar.   You may also need to glue a layer or 2 of white painted cardboard to the underside of the lid depending on how deep the lid is.  It will help raise up your figure and tree so they don’t get buried in the snow.  

You also want to make sure the items that you are putting in your snow globe are going to fit in the jar.  I know, it sounds obvious, but my first set of trees were too tall.  

The other supply I want to talk about for a moment are the Pikachu.  I bought these Pikachu from Amazon.   I wanted to use some of the little Pokemon we had lying around the house, but apparently my kids did not want to see them glued to for all eternity to a jar.  In fact, it almost started an all out war.  So, make sure to ask the kids first.   If you can use the ones you have, it’s a much more cost efficient project.  BUT, if your kids won’t allow it, the Pikachu in the link above are great quality, and I plan to use the rest of the little pocket monsters for a future project.  

Pikachu DIY snow globes

How to make the Pokemon snow globes

I’ll be honest, the most difficult part of this project is acquiring the supplies.  Once you have everything you need, this pokemon craft is a breeze.  

Start by sanding the bottom of your bottle brush tree and the Pikachu.  By sanding the bottoms, they will stick better to your globe.

Making Pokemon snow globes

Gently sand the base of the figures you will use in your snow globe.

Next, you will need to put a dab of E6000 glue on to your Pikachu and place it where you want on what will be the base of your snow globe.   Repeat this for your tree.

I recommend E6000 for this project because it gives time for you to move your figure before it starts to set.   You could also use hot glue, but you have to work quick if you need to reposition your figures.   We had to reposition our Pikachu and tree quite a bit to get them exactly where  we wanted them.

The downside of using E6000 is now you have to let it dry.  So let it sit overnight before moving on to the next step.  If you used hot glue, you only have to wait a few minutes before moving on.  

After your glue has dried, you’re ready to finish off your Pokemon snow globe.

Pokemon snow globe base

Here’s what the base will look like before you add it to your snow globe.

This part is so easy, but can also be messy.   We had a snow explosion on the counter, but I digress.  All you need to do is pour some artificial snow in your jar.  A little goes a long way, so just cover the bottom with the faux snow.   You can always add more if needed.  

Now, take the lid of your jar that has your tree and pikachu attached to to it, and screw it on to the jar.   When you turn the jar right side up you’ve got an amazing snow globe.  

To finish up our Pokemon snow globe we added some glitter washi tape around the base.   If your base isn’t thick enough, you can glue some thin ribbon around it.  Or add a cute bow.

Easy Pikachu snow globe 

Tips and tricks in making DIY snow globes

  • You don’t have to make Pikachu snow globes, any small minifigure would work.   If you’ve got kids, I’m sure you have them lying around the house.  
  • If you don’t want a snowy scene consider artificial grass or moss.  Poof, it’s spring time.
  • Add some white glitter to the snow if your snow globe isn’t sparkly enough for you.

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