Perler Bead Demon Eye From Terraria

Perler Bead Demon Eye

An easy pattern for a Terraria Perler Bead Demon Eye.

From time to time Wonder Boy and I play Terraria.   It’s a 2 dimensional sandbox game.    You get to explore the land and battle fierce creature.  You even can do some crafting and building.   If you aren’t familiar with Terraria, think Minecraft, except in 2D.    We make a great team when playing because he likes to go battle and explore, while I enjoy mining underground to see where it will take me.

Since the game is 2 dimensional, it’s easy to make Perler Bead items that look exactly like they do in the game.

After battling umpteen of them in game, Wonder Boy decided that he needed to make a Perler Bead Demon Eye.

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