Perler Bead Hylian Shield from Legend of Zelda

Zelda Shield Perler Bead Pattern

A simple Legend of Zelda Perler Bead Hylian Shield Pattern.

Wonder Boy is still going crazy for all things Legend of Zelda.   So, I wasn’t surprised when he made this Perler Bead Hylian Shield.

The pattern is so simple, it only took him a few minutes to put it together.   He also made a sword, but I just couldn’t find it anywhere.   I’m sure he has it squirreled away in his room somewhere.  I’ll post it when I find it because is was another easy Zelda Perler pattern for kids to make.

If you like this Perler Bead Hylian Shield, you may also be interested in the Link he made a few weeks back.  Or if you’d like to make a Perler Bead rupee nightlight, we’ve done that too.


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