Perler Bead Porg from Star Wars

Perler bead porg

Easy to make Perler Bead porg from Star Wars

This family LOVES Star Wars.  It’s one of the few fandoms that each and everyone of us likes. Now that the new movie is right around the corner, we’re getting so excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  We had our tickets the first day they were released for sale, no joke.  

The story of the movie looks amazing, but one of the things I can’t wait to see more of is the new creature that’s been added to the Star Wars universe, the porg.  Holy cow people, Porg are so stinking cute!  

Porg are darling little bird creatures that were fashioned after a real-life animal, the puffin.  You can see one of them in The Last Jedi movie trailer with Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon.  Of course, Disney has already taken advantage of the porg’s cuteness by selling all kinds of fun products.  

I thought it would be fun to make my very own Perler Bead porg.   I did find a pattern on google for a porg, but alas, it was bigger than I wanted to make.  Wonder  Boy was using all but one 29 x 29  board for a project, and besides,  I’m more of a one board kinds of gal.  So I had to create my own porg.  

The porg in the trailer is brown, gray with a white torso. According to Star Wars lore, porgs are varying shades of brown and gray.  I even have a Porg Funko Pop who is all brown.  So, if you want to get creative, you could make your porg in any shades of brown and gray Perler Beads.  I, however, went for the brown and gray porg from the trailer.

Perler Bead Porg   

To make it easier to create, the picture below is of the Perler Bead design before melting.  You only need 4 colors of beads:  black, brown, white and gray.  Although, like I said you can make variants of this pattern by using several shades of gray and brown.

Perler Bead porg pattern

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I’ve also got many Star Wars Perler Bead designs and crafts on my Star Wars Crafts boards over on Pinterest.  Check it out!


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