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It doesn’t matter if you are new to Perler Beads or have been doing them for years, finding Perler Bead patterns to use for your projects can sometimes be a challenge.  

Sometimes you just want inspiration to create your own masterpiece, and other times you want to easily re-create something you’ve seen a hundred times over.  I know…I’ve been there.

I thought I’d share some of my resources that we use for creating.  These resources are great if you are looking for patterns, but if you are just beginning with Perler Beads, I’ve also created and ultimate Perler Bead guide to help you get started.  

Spoiler Alert:   This is a long post.   I’ve tried to compile an epic list of the 10 best places to find Perler Bead patterns and detail how to use them effectively.  This post also contains affiliate links.

Perler Bead Patterns

The 10 best places to find Perler Bead patterns!

 Before I dive into where to find Perler Bead patterns, let me give you a few tips on how to get the most out of all the searches you are doing.

Tips for searching for Perler Bead Patterns

  • Always include the words “Perler Beads” in your search.
  • If you can’t find what you want using the words “Perler Beads”, try using “Hama Beads,” “Artkal Beads” or “melty beads”   You’d be surprised at the different results you get.  
  • If those word don’t work, take the “s” off the word beads when searching.   Seriously, search features aren’t that smart sometimes.
  • Start your search with a specific idea.   So if you want to make a Stormtrooper, search “Stormtrooper Perler Beads”
  • If specific doesn’t work, then search broadly.   So again, if I wanted to make a Stormtrooper, I could search for “Star Wars Perler Beads”  

Ok, now that you know HOW to search in these places, let’s get into the 10 best places to find Perler Bead patterns.  


Pinterest is my go to site for Perler Bead patterns.  

If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it is a visual bookmarking tool that allows you to save and share ideas on just about anything.  Perler Beads are no exception.

If you have an account, all you have to do it type what you are looking for into their search feature and you’ll see all the beautiful pins on that subject.   

Start by typing in the type of pattern you are looking for.   Let’s say I want to find some awesome Star Wars Perler Bead patterns.   I’d type “Star Wars Perler Beads” into their search bar.  The image below is what you’ll see.

Perler Bead patterns on Pinterest

It’s easy to find and save Perler Bead patterns using Pinterest.

You can scroll through the images and then pin anything that looks like a Perler Bead design you might want to make.  

Next, notice how there are now subcategories listed in boxes at the top?  You can click on any of those subcategories and you’ll be taken to more specific images.   I clicked on “Stormtroopers” and the image below is what I found.  

Pinterest Perler Bead Patterns

Find exactly what you are looking for by searching for Perler Bead patterns on Pinterest.

I am not even joking when I say that Pinterest is like a rabbit hole for Perler Bead patterns.   If it exists you can more than likely find it if you keep looking.  

That being said, here are some tips and tricks for using Pinterest to find that perfect Perler Bead pattern.  

  • Set up a board specifically for Perler Bead patterns.  That way you can always go back and look at your pinned patterns.
  • Pin frequently.   That way you can go back and look at the patterns you’ve found to see what you really want to make.
  • Pin from everywhere.   You don’t have to be on Pinterest to pin a Perler Bead pattern.  Most sites have a “Pin It” button on their images so you can pin it while you are viewing it.  That way it’s saved for you to go back to later.
  • Install the “Pin It” button to your web browser.   That way you can even pin from sites that don’t have the “Pin It” button on images or videos.  
  • Follow lots of boards with Perler Bead patterns.   That way your feed is filled with amazing Perler Bead designs all the time.   (Shameless plug:   You can follow me HERE.  I have many boards with Perler Bead patterns.)

Another amazing thing about Pinterest is that the more you use it, the more helpful it becomes. Pinterest notices when you’ve been pinning a lot of something.   So, you’ll see a lot more of it in your feed.   


That’s right folks, you can find a lot of Perler Bead patterns on YouTube.   I would have never thought it, but Wonder Boy uses it all the time.   

The secret for using YouTube for Perler Bead designs is that you have to pause the video at just the right spot to get the pattern.  

There are some amazing Perler Bead artists on YouTube, but I wouldn’t recommend using it for simple patterns.   Those types of Perler Bead patterns can be found readily somewhere else.  Use YouTube when you just can’t find what you want the other places you’ve looked.

The other great use of YouTube when playing with Perler Beads is for 3D patterns.   There are so many videos giving you step by step instructions for all kinds of 3D patterns.  All you have to do is type what you are looking for in the search bar.  You’ll be sure to find a video to meet your needs.  Plus, since you are watching a video you may pick up some tips and trick for using Perler Beads as you watch.  


Many people don’t even think about going to the source when searching for Perler Bead patterns.  Perler.com may not have a ton of patterns, but what they do have is a lot of projects for crafts you can make with your Perler Beads.  Instructions for each of their projects are clear and easy to follow.  

Fun 3D projects on Perler.com

Perler.com has so many fun projects that can be created using Perler Beads.

For each Perler Bead craft project, they’ve even included the number of each color bead you will need to complete the project along with detailed supplies needed to complete the craft.  Perler really makes it simple for the user to create amazing things with their product.  

Added bonus, instructions can be downloaded and printed easily.   When you choose to download and print any of their projects the patterns are sized so that you can just put the paper under a clear pegboard and use it as a guide for beading.  

I recommend this site to both new and old Perler enthusiasts looking for patterns.   It’s easy to navigate, has tons of inspiration, and has a variety of projects for all levels of Perlering.  


Are you a Reddit user?   Well if you are, there is a subreddit for “pixelated bead art”.   That’s right, you can follow this subreddit and get more Perler Bead patterns.  You can also search for specific patterns in the subreddit or throughout all of reddit.   

If you aren’t already a Reddit user, I wouldn’t recommend using Reddit for finding Perler Bead patterns. BUT if you do already use it, follow the subreddit and you’ll find some great new patterns. You might even get some Perler Bead tips.  


I know, I know, Facebook is the LAST place that comes to mind when thinking of places to find Perler Bead patterns.  You’d be surprised.   There are several active groups of Perler Bead users on Facebook. Joining one not only gives you access to the group’s posts, but it also gives you access to a large group of Perler Bead enthusiasts.  

If you didn’t know, you can search any topic within a group.  So, if you are looking for a Mario Perler Bead pattern all you have to do is search and Facebook will bring up all the posts that have been posted in the group.  

Plus, if you can’t find what you are looking for on the group’s old posts, you can just ask.  So many people are willing to share and help you find that perfect pattern you are looking for.  


After Pinterest, Google search is where we find most of our Perler Bead designs.   

You can easily search for anything by typing it into their search bar.   The more specific you get with Google, the better the results.  

I’m sure you are familiar with Google, so I won’t give a ton of help, but once you type in the desired pattern you wish to find click on images.  You’ll then see a plethora of websites that contain Perler Bead patterns.  

Perler Bead patterns via Google search

Google’s search feature is a great way to find hundreds of fun Perler Bead patterns.

Like Pinterest, Google will give you subcategories at the top of the page if you need to get more specific.  

The only negative I find with using Google to search for Perler Bead patterns is that a lot of times the image does not lead directly to a webpage with the image on it.  For example it will lead to a Pinterest board.    You then have to scroll through the board to find the particular pattern you wanted.   It’s not a big deal if your pattern is quick and you plan on doing it now because you can just stay on the google image search page.   If you are doing a larger pattern that you need to do over several days it can be hard to find it again.   

One other thing to keep in mind, Google is not the only search engine you can use to to locate great Perler Bead patterns.   You can also check out Firefox or Bing to find great patterns.  

Kandi Patterns

No list of places to find Perler Bead patterns would be complete without mentioning Kandi Patterns.  

Kandi Patterns is a website where users can upload patterns for not only Perler Bead patterns, but also pony bead patterns.   It also has a simple pattern creator where you can make your own patterns.  

Because this site contains patterns besides Perler patterns you will need to click the box on the left for “Perler Bead” to refine any search you do on their site.  

Kandi Patterns search

Kandi Patterns has hundreds of Perler Bead patterns ready to be used.

You won’t find as many patterns as you would when using Pinterest or Google, but the best part of Kandi Patterns is that you know it is an easy to follow pattern.   With Pinterest or Google, you may find an already melted image that you want to use.   Sometimes they can be hard to count the beads when recreating the pattern.  Kandi Patterns also gives you the number of beads needed, which can be quite helpful.  

Deviant Art

If you’ve never heard of DeviantArt it’s a social network for artists.  Members upload their art to the site.  Not all the artists are Perler Bead artists, but there is a community there that embraces Perler Art.  

DeviantArt has a search tool that you can use to find patterns you are looking for.   Because it’s an artist site you are more likely to find intricate patterns.  The patterns many times are created by the user, and are not the same old ones you can find other places.   They truly are works of art.  

The Spriters resource

If you are specifically looking to create video game sprites with your Perler Beads, The Spriters Resource is a great place to look.  

You can search the database for sprites from many classic 8-bit games.   

I find this site to be more of a “desperate times call for desperate measures” when looking for Perler Bead patterns.  It’s not that easy to use, plus you really still will have to create a pattern.   The nice part is that you can download the images to your computer.  Then you have the image right there to work with.  


To finish off this list of places to find Perler Bead patterns, Iet’s talk about Amino Apps.   I just recently found this group of apps, but it has some great possibilities.   

Basically, it’s a group of social network apps for your phone or tablet.   On Amino there are specific communities for a lot of things.   Yep, there’s a Perler Bead community.  The community is not huge, but there is some great stuff out there.  

You’ll need to download the Amino App and create an account to use it.   Once you have done that you can search for the “Perler/Hama Bead Amino” community. Join the community.  

Once you’ve joined you’ll be able to access their feed.  It’s a lot like any other feed on any social media.   BUT there is one difference, it’s all Perler Bead projects you’ll see.   Seeing all the amazing Perler Bead projects is WAY more fun than half the garbage I see on Facebook. Just sayin’.   

I use Amino more for inspiration.   I see someone post something cool, and it inspires me to make something similar.   Or maybe I’ll see how to do something I’ve wanted to do for awhile.    

There is also a search feature if you are looking for something specific.   

Now go out there and find some Perler Bead Patterns!

Hopefully this list of the 10 best places to find Perler Bead patterns will help you on you Perler journey.  Don’t forget I also frequently post Perler Bead projects that we’ve done so you can check those out on my Perler Bead page.  

If you know of any other great places to find Perler Bead designs, please let me know in the comments.   We are always looking for sources of inspiration.

Where to find Perler Patterns

It’s easy to find Perler Bead patterns if you know where to look.

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  • julesmaddenules

    I did not know there were so many people making these perler bead creations out there! You’ve compelled a great list… which I’m sure is going to be very useful to people wanting to find patterns. Seriously, what is Pinterest NOT good for!? 🙂

  • maryanne

    thanks for info. very interesting. now I have to buy the beads from somewhere . they dont sell them in my country. Maryanne

  • Mary

    Anyone know where to get or make a blank Perler bead page that you could use to make your own patterns and then put directly under your peg board and it will be the right size?

  • Myuki

    Do you know of any perler pattern generators that do not come out so huge like dave’s? I’m looking for a pattern generator no bigger than the perler brand super pegboard. roughly 49×69 pegs depending on which way you have it facing.