Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 coming out in May, it was time for us to update our Funko Pop collection.  Enter Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop.  Our whole family agrees that he was the funniest character in the first movie so he was a must have in our collection.

Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop

Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop

I’ll let you guys in on a little secret.   Although everyone in my house loves Funko Pop, we aren’t the kind of collectors who feel the need to buy all the Pops for a specific franchise.  

Instead of going crazy trying to buy every Pop for our fandoms, we buy the Funko Pop that we like the best.  Or we give them to each other as gifts when we think someone would like them.  

The Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop was a Valentine’s Day present for Wonder Boy.  For all his geekiness, Wonder Boy has never really been into any super heroes until Guardians of the Galaxy.  He loved the movie, and he loved Rocket and Groot.   He got the Baby Groot Funko Pop when he saw first movie, and now he has the scruffy, genetically engineered. Rocket.

Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop

This Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop would be a fantastic addition to any Guardian of the Galaxy lover’s collection.   It’s really a fun design, that captures Rocket perfectly.  

Funko does a great job of detailing all of its figures.   Rocket Racoon is no exception.   He’s a little bit smaller than other Funko Pops, which fits the character perfectly. Amazingly,  even with a small stature there are tons of details.  

  • The mold for this Funko makes Rocket Raccoon look like his brow is furrowed.   For me that was a great touch since Rocket most definitely has an attitude.    
  • His outfit has a great paint job and mimics the feisty raccoon from the movie perfectly. The outfit even includes a small back pack on his back.  
  • Each of Rocket’s tiny black claws on his feet are painted.  
  • Oh and I just love the texture of his fur.  It’s 2 toned, which makes it look even more realistic.  

The Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop truly is an amazing Pop.  

Funko Pop Rocket Raccoon

The detailing on Rocket Raccoon is amazing for a small Funko Pop

I do have one negative thing to say about it though.   He’s a bobble head.   There is nothing wrong with Funko bobble heads, I have a ton of them.   BUT on the Rocket Raccoon Funko Pop it seems as if his head is a little too high on his body because of the size of the spring.   Even though I fiddled with the spring to lower his head a bit, I had a hard time getting it to look natural on his body.  My other Funko Pop bobble heads aren’t like that, so I’m guessing it’s due to the fact that his head is not quite as large as human bobble heads.  Out of the box collectors like me will also be annoyed with the fact that he’s top heavy and doesn’t stand on his own very well.  He’s still super cool though.  

Rocket Raccoon Quote

Rocket Raccoon adds such a comic touch to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but this has to be my favorite quote

How about you?   Have you added Rocket Raccoon to your Funko Pop collection?   Let me know all about your Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pops in the comments.  

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