Stitch Funko Pop

Even though they are 5 years apart, each of the kids has had an obsession with Lilo and Stitch at one point in their lives.   For both of them their favorite character was the lovable genetic mutation Stitch.  So of course, we have a Stitch Funko Pop in our collection.  

Disney's Stitch 626 Funko Pop

Planetary Explorer Stitch is guarding his terrain. Love the snarl.

Thank the maker the movie was brilliant.   We watched it a lot.   I mean seriously, a LOT. I swear I’ve seen it at least 40 times.  No joke.  We also watched the other movies and the tv series over and over.   They weren’t as good as the original, but the kids loved them all.  

Just like with any fandom you collect the stuff.   That being said, we have a huge army of Stitch Plush.  They range in all sizes from 3 inches to 3 feet.  Paige bought several when she was into Stitch and she now has passed them on to Wonder Boy.  He of course has added to the plushie army.   Our most recent acquisition is a giant a Tsum Tsum Stitch.  So yeah, Stitch is well loved in our house.  

When Wonder Boy saw this Stitch Funko Pop Vinyl he knew he had to have it for his Stitch Army.  

Funko Pop Stitch 626

Disney Stitch 626 is guarding his territory fiercely.

This Funko Pop Stitch 626 is one of several Stitch Pop Vinyl that Funko created.  

Here’s the ones that I’m aware of, there may be more:

  • A cute standing Stitch – #12  This comes in both flocked and non-flocked
  • A seated Stitch – #159
  • The Hot Topic exclusive flocked seated Stitch – #159
  • The Elvis Stitch – #127
  • The Aloha Stitch – #203

In my humble opinion Stitch 626 (#125) is far superior to any of the Stitch Funko Pops.  It portrays Stitch from the beginning of the original Lilo and Stitch movie where he is on trial in front of the United Galactic Federation.  This Pop is truly an abomination.  

Disney's Stitch 626 Funko Pop at the park

I think Stitch has commandeered the park.

As you can see from the images this Experiment 626 has 3 blasters pulled and a nasty snarl on his face.  Funko really nailed it when designing this little alien. The detailing is so amazing he even has the spikes on his back protruding through his uniform.   You truly get the feeling that this creature was designed for destruction.  

Funko did give him one soft spot though.  If you look closely you can see that his antennae have little hearts on the end.  That’s not how he is in the movie, but it’s a nice touch to perhaps signify that this evil blasting machine already has the love in him that he will eventually find through his ohana.  

If you want to add Stitch 626 to your collection he is still widely available.  You can also easily find many of the friendlier looking versions of Stitch.

Do you have any of the Stitch Funko Pops?   Which one?  Let me know in the comments.  

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