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How to make Perler Bead Cards

How to make Perler Bead cards.

I am forever looking for uses for the Perler Bead projects we make.

Oh yes, we’ve made magnets and keychains, but let’s face it folks; how many keychains do you really need? Not a ton.

Then it hit me. We can make Perler Bead cards! Wonder Boy isn’t a huge fan of drawing thank you cards, but he loves making Perler Bead art. Add a Perler Bead piece to a card, and you have an amazing homemade card.

The best part…this is so stinking easy you can do it in minutes.

So let’s get started.

Supplies needed for Perler Bead cards

  • Perler Beads or small Perler projects that have already been completed
  • Blank cards
  • Hot glue gun

First things first. If you know nothing about working with Perler Beads, but just want to make these awesome cards head on over to my Ultimate Perler Bead Tutorial. It will get you started.

One Up Card


The Perler Bead part of the card

Now, you can make any small Perler Bead creation and use it for this project. The only requirement is that it fit on the card.

Super easy right? You might even have something in your stash all ready to go.

I’ll be honest. When I thought of this idea I just went to our stash and pulled out some of our smaller projects, so I didn’t even have to make anything new.

BUT, if you do want to make something new GO FOR IT! Small Perler bead patterns are sometimes hard to find, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, I’ve got a lot of smaller bead projects on my Perler Bead Craft board on Pinterest.

Flower Perler Bead card

A simple flower pattern really makes this card look amazing.

I do think one of the best things about making something new for this project is that you can really customize it for the recipient. If grandma just LOVES fish, you can make her a Perler Bead fish. If you’re making party invitations you can make them fit the party theme. Or if it’s a birthday card, make a Perler Bead birthday cake. Seriously, anything goes.

A few words about the actual cards

I used plain thank you cards I purchased at Michael’s for a buck.

BUT, You don’t even have to buy cards.

You can just use some card stock that you fold in half. Crazy easy! If you do go that route, your cards would be bigger than mine which would allow you to add bigger Perler Bead projects to them. That’s a win/win!

Completing the Perler Bead Cards

Once you have a Perler Bead piece and a card, all that’s left is to glue the Perler Beads onto the card.

Pac Man Card

Love the cute little Pac Man ghost on this card. Yes, I added googly eyes.

You are going to want to use a hot glue gun for this. Hot glue will stick quickly, so it’s perfect for this project. Plus, if the card recipient wants to take the Perler Bead art off the card it will peel off pretty easily. You could also use a heavy duty glue like E6000, but there’s really no need. It takes forever to dry, and one of the best parts about making Perler Bead cards is that they are so quick and easy to make.

To glue the Perler Bead piece on the card put the glue on the back of Perler Bead art and then place it onto the card. You can then press down on it a bit to flatten it to the card.

Voila! It’s a Perler Bead card!

Tips and tricks for Perler Bead cards

  • If you have strings of glue that hang around after you’ve finished just run over them with a hair dryer. (This tip works with anything made with hot glue)
  • To make your card extra fancy consider adding washi tape. Washi tape makes everything special.
  • You want your Perler Bead art that you attach to the card to be flat. The easiest way to assure complete flatness is by placing a heavy book on top of it as soon as it is ironed. You can remove the book once it’s cooled.
  • I know I made thank you cards, but seriously you can do make any kinds of cards. Consider Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, or Easter. It’s easy to find small patterns to fit most holiday themes. If you don’t know where to find patterns check out my 10 best places to find perler bead patterns.
Easy Perler Bead ideas

Easy to make Perler Bead cards.

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