Funko Pop Photography

I’ve always been interested in photography.   I love the creative outlet it provides for me in a mostly mundane world.  I feel like photography gives me the opportunity to express myself while stopping to take a moment to find the beauty in every day.  Plus it’s fun!  I know Funko Pop photograpy may seem a bit off beat, but that suits me just fine.  

Honestly, it wasn’t until the last year or so that I started taking photos of my Funko Pop collection.  It started in a pretty benign manner by me occasionally shooting a picture of a Funko with my morning coffee. I’d then post it on social media with a funny caption of some sort.  One of my favorites is a photo of a Funko Boba Fett next to my cup of coffee saying “You’re no good to me decaf.”   Oh, you may have rolled your eyes, but it’s a little funny, right?

Funko Pop Kylo Ren and Finn with Coffee Cup

One of my first attempts at Funko Photography.

Eventually I started tossing a Funko Pop into my purse so that I’d have one in case a photo opportunity arose.    I’m sure people thought I was completely insane when I’d whip out a Stormtrooper and take his picture at the grocery store.  I didn’t care.  It wouldn’t have been the first time people thought I was crazy, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.    

I was having fun with my Funko Photography, and I wanted to get better at it. So one beautiful Saturday morning, I packed up my Funko Jawa and took him to the park with the intention of doing a photo shoot.   It was awesome!  I got to enjoy the fresh air, enjoyed a nice walk, and took a  ton of pictures.  Since then I regularly take out my Funko friends out to photograph.  

Funko Pop Dalek at the park

Here’s my Doctor Who dalek out on a photo shoot at the park.

When I decided I was going to create my own little geeky space out in the ether, I knew I wanted to some how incorporate my Funko photography.  Yeah, I know.   Maybe Funko don’t really go with geeky crafts, but in my world, they do.   I craft with my kids and collect Funko with my kids. So they go together.    Plus, if you’re a geek like me you can totally appreciate my love for my favorite collection.  


This photo of Chewbacca was just taken in my backyard. A random act of Funko, I guess.

I try to make each post in Funko Fun more than just a few pictures of the featured Funko Pop.  I include what information I have about the Funko, my opinion of it, and sometimes share my personal connection to the character.  Why?  Because Funko Pop are one of the most epic things for a geek to collect.  They are inexpensive, adorable, and there are so many of them.  

Are you a Marvel fan?  There’s a Funko for that.   

A fan of Star Wars?  Funko for that too.  

What!  You like anime?  Lots of Funko Pops for that.  

Fallout, Harry Potter, Transformers, Adventure Time, The Goonies, I could go on and on.  In fact, I’m sure you’d be surprised at how many different Funko Pops are out there.  

If you want to check out my Funko Pop collection you can see the one’s I’ve photographed HERE.  I continually add more, because I do love taking photos of my Funko Pop.  Or, I sometimes post my Funko Photography over on Steemit.   You can also check me out there.