How to Make Minecraft Perler Bead Magnets

Easy Minecraft Perler Bead Magnets

It’s so easy to make these simple Minecraft Perler Bead Magnets.

We make a lot of Perler Bead items at our house.  A LOT!   When it’s possible, we try to make things with our projects like this cool night light.  One really fun way to make your Perler Bead pieces functional is by turning them into magnets.  

Making Perler Bead magnets is very easy.  Plus it’s pretty cool to be able to hang your child’s artwork on the fridge WITH your child’s Perler Bead artwork.   

Since Minecraft is pretty hot at our house right now (Wonder Boy and I are playing constantly), we decided to make some Minecraft Perler Bead magnets.   

Now, you don’t have to make Minecraft magnets.   In fact, I encourage you to magnetize all the things.  Perler Bead magnets not only look great on your fridge, but would look great on grandma or auntie’s fridge.  Yep, they make the perfect gift.   I’ve even included some links to other Perler Bead patterns that would work perfectly as magnets toward the bottom of this post.  

Supplies needed for Minecraft Perler Bead magnets

This tutorial assumes that you’ve played with Perler Beads, but if you’ve never delved into the world of Perler Beads before check out my Perler Bead guide for all the tips and tricks on using and melting these amazing fuse beads.  

I know that the idea of making magnets out of Perler Beads sounds super easy.   You take a pattern and you stick a magnet on the back.  DONE!  Although in theory that’s correct. The reality of it is that if you don’t use the correct supplies your magnets will not stick to your Perler piece for long and you’ll be regluing before you know it.

Trust me on this.

I’ve tried making Perler Bead magnets with several types of magnets and a couple of different glues, and I’ve had issues every time.  Let me tell you, It’s pretty painful for your young artist when a Perler Bead piece fell off a magnet and they find it in the dog’s mouth.  

Save yourself the hassle and buy E6000 glue and any type of disc magnets.   The links in my list above are to Amazon so you can see exactly what they look like.  Yes, they are affiliate links, so I’d love if you bought them there, but you can just as easily get the same products at your local craft store.  Just don’t come home with some sticky back magnet roll and expect the magnets to stay…yes, I’ve tried that too.  RIP pokeball.

Now I can’t promise you that your Perler Bead piece will never fall off the magnet, but I’ve had great success with the E6000 glue and disc magnets.  Haven’t lost anything since we started using them.  

Making your Minecraft Perler Bead pieces

The first step in creating these Minecraft Perler Bead magnets is making the Perler Bead pieces.  I made an Enderman, a creeper, a slime, a diamond block, and a grass block.  BUT, the best part about Minecraft Perler projects is that you can make anything from the world of Minecraft on a small square pegboard.

I’ve got some great ideas pinned on my Pinterest Perler Bead board or my Minecraft crafts board. Check them out if your kids want to make something else.  Or they can just as easily create it themselves: Minecraft Perler Bead patterns are that easy.   

If you want to make the one’s I made, the 5 patterns are pictured below.  You may not have the array of browns or greens that we have, so just improvise with what you do have.  The creeper and the grass block were just randomly placed by me.  I even threw in a few glow-in-the-dark Perler beads on the creeper because I liked the way they looked.  So get creative with the way you set up your colors.  

Slime, Creeper, and Grass Block Perler patterns

Diamond Block and Enderman Perler Bead patterns

Once you’ve got your patterns done, you’ll need to iron each piece.  Iron them on both sides according to the bead brand instuctions.  Here’s that link to my Perler Bead guide again if you aren’t sure how the melting process works.  

After you’ve ironed the second side place a heavy object, like a book, on top of it while it cools.   This will make the project flat.   It’s important for it to be flat since we are gluing a magnet on it, and we want to make sure that magnet sticks.  

Making Minecraft Perler Bead magnets

Now that you’ve got your Perler Bead Minecraft pieces, all that’s left is adding the magnets.  Start by putting a piece of wax paper on your workspace incase any glue leaks through the hole in the Perler Beads.  Then, apply a dollop of glue to your Perler Bead piece close to the center.   Finally,  place your magnet on top of it.  

Easy Perler Bead Magnets

If you’ve never worked with E6000 glue before there are a couple of things you need to know.   It’s permanent, once it dries.   BUT, it takes 24 hours to completely dry, Please, let it dry completely.   It also does not bond instantly, so you have time to move your magnet once you’ve placed it.  

I’m also going to suggest that you place a heavy book on top of it while it dries.  I have no proof of it, but in my head it gives the glue a better chance of bonding the magnet to the Perler Bead piece since the two are being pressed together by the heavy book.   That may not be the case, but I do it every time we make a magnet.  

After you’ve waited the LONG 24 hours for the glue to dry, your Minecraft Perler Bead magnet is ready for display on your fridge.  Don’t forget you can make magnets from all the Perler Bead things.   Scroll past Steve to check out some other Perler Bead magnet ideas. 

Minecraft Perler Bead Grass Block

Other Perler Bead magnets

In this post I showed you how to make Minecraft Perler Bead magnets, but the reality is you can make magnets with many different Perler Bead projects.  Just make sure to keep the creation you use relatively small.  I’ve linked a few other items that we’ve made below that would make perfect Perler Bead magnets.  They are more for inspiration that anything, you truly can magnetize all the things. 

Mario Perler Bead Patterns


Halloween Patterns

Link from the Adventures of Zelda

Mickey Mouse

If you do want to make larger Perler Bead magnets, that’s possible too.  Just use more than one magnet on the back.  

Whatever Perler Bead creation you make into a magnet, have fun!  

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