Kermit Funko Pop

My Kermit Story

Being a child of the seventies, the Muppet Show was a staple in my house. I loved watching the antics of the frantic stage manage Kermit as he tried to wrangle all the crazy members of the Muppet Theater variety show.  It’s no wonder I love my Kermit Funko Pop so much.  

Kermit Funko Pop

This Kermit Funko Pop brings back great memories from my childhood. I loved The Muppet Show.

When The Muppet Movie came out in 1979 I was SO excited to go see it.  This was a big thrill for an 8 year old me.  At the time it was the BEST MOVIE EVER!!  For months after, I sang the song “The Rainbow Connection”.  Still today, I find myself humming the tune to it in my head from time to time.  

When I heard that “Muppets Most Wanted” was going to be released in 2014, I knew for sure I was going to share my love of The Muppets with my kids.  We rarely go to the movies because they are so darn expensive, but I knew they needed to see “Muppets Most Wanted” on the big screen.  

Much to my chagrin, they liked it…marginally.   In fact, Wonder Boy even asked in the middle if the movie was almost over.  Sigh.  

That’s okay though, they like lots of things I like.

Kermit Funko Pop

When the movie was released Funko came out with a line of “Muppet Most Wanted” Pops.  Although I wanted them all, I only walked away with one; the always loveable, always frantic Kermit the Frog.   

Kermit Funko Pop

I just love the smile on the Kermit Funko Pop! By looking at him, you’d never know that “it’s not easy being green.”

Kermit Funko Pop is a great addition to my collection.   I just love his smile.  As you can see in the pictures it spreads from ear to ear.  Even though in the shows and movies Kermit didn’t really smile much except when performing, his winning smile makes for an amazing Pop.   If you want to check out other Funko Photography you can here.  

I love the look of my Kermit Funko Pop, from his big bulging eyes to his little webbed feet.   The only real flaw I’ve found in him is that the black in his eyes is painted on. So even though he’s spent most of his life sitting on a shelf the paint is chipping slightly.   

Kermit Funko Pop

Kermit Funko Pop in the woods.

If you were wondering, The Muppet series of Pop has been retired by Funko, which makes me glad I got him when I did.  Although you can still find him for sale many places, he just costs more than he before he was vaulted.  

Do you have the Kermit Funko Pop?   What about any other Muppet Funko Pops?  Are there any you wish you had?   Let me know in the comments.  

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