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We love making glitter ornaments.  They looks so beautiful and sparkly on the tree.   This year we decided to add a little geek to our creations by turning them into Minecraft glitter ornaments.  

Easy to make Minecraft Glitter Ornaments

Easy to make Minecraft ornaments. The perfect craft for any fan of Minecraft.

Before we began we decided which Minecraft objects to put on our ornaments.   There are so many things to choose from but we decided on:

  • Creeper
  • Pig
  • Enderman
  • Gold Ore
  • Slime
  • Skeleton

Supplies needed for the above Minecraft glitter ornaments

  • 2 green, 2 black, 1 pink, and 1 white square glitter ornaments (more on those in a bit)
  • Washi tape or sparkle tape by 3M  (we used sparkle tape to go with the glitter, but I think washi tape would work just as well.)

That’s it.  So easy right?   

Well first you have to make those glitter ornaments.  I’ve got full instructions on how to make them HERE, but below is the condensed version.

  1. Pour some floor wax in a clear glass ornament
  2. Drain the floor wax from the ornament
  3. Pour some glitter in the ornament
  4. Shake the ornament to cover the inside with glittery goodness.  
  5. Pour out the excess glitter
  6. Let dry overnight

So yeah, they are really easy, and fun.  If you do decide to make them, I recommend reading the full instructions though, the ones above are just condensed.  When you make the glitter ornaments use the 2 inch square clear glass ornaments. They are readily available at craft stores in a package of six.  

DIY Minecraft ornaments

Easy to make Minecraft ornaments make perfect gifts.

Instructions for Making Minecraft Glitter Ornaments

I’m not going to lie to you.   Once you’ve got 6 square glitter ornaments these things are so simple to to make.    All you have to do is apply the washi tape onto the ornaments to make the Minecraft character.  I would suggest practicing on a piece of paper before applying to the ornament to make sure you’ve got the sizing just right.   We just used a post-it note and traced the ornament on to it.   It was great for me to get to see the size of tape I needed to cut, and it really helped Wonder Boy to see how he needed to apply the tape to the ornaments.  

Slime and Pig practice

We practiced tape placement and cutting for each ornament before placing it. It was really helpful.

Below are pictures and a few instructions for you for each of the Minecraft glitter ornaments we made so it will be easier to do.  


Skeleton Minecraft Ornament

The Skeleton Minecraft Ornament is easy to make.

You need:

  • White square glitter ornament
  • Black washi or sparkle tape

The eyes and the and nose of the skeleton are exactly the width of the tape.  So it’s only one cut.  You’ll just need to figure the exact height you’ll want to use.  Ours are ¼ inch tall.   For the mouth we cut a strip of tape as wide as the ornament.  Our mouth is also ¼ inch tall.  


Creeper Minecraft Ornament

You can’t make Minecraft ornaments with out a creeper. Looks like Steve is getting a bit too close to him.

You need:

  • Green square glitter ornament
  • Black washi or sparkle tape

For the creeper’s eyes you’ll need to cut 2 ½ inch squares.  It’s pretty simple since the tape is ½ inch wide.  

The creeper’s nose and mouth are 3 pieces that were cobbled together.   Start by cutting 2 ¾ inch long strips of tape.  Cut one of those in half.  The wider piece goes in the center and the other two are placed on the side of it about ¼ inch lower.  


Minecraft Pig Christmas Ornament

Minecraft pig Christmas ornament

You need:

  • Pink square glitter ornament
  • White and pink washi or sparkle tape
  • Pink and black Sharpie marker

The eyes of the Minecraft pig are the same size of the skeleton, except using white tape.  After placing the eyes on the pig take the black Sharpie marker and color in the outside half of each eye.  It’s what gives him his derpy eyes.  

The pig’s nose is the width of the tape and ¾ inch long.  To give the pig his nostrils you can just use the pink Sharpie to color in two rectangles on the outside centers of the tape once it’s placed on the ornament.  


Slime Minecraft Ornament

I love how cute the slime ornament came out.

You need:

  • Green square glitter ornament
  • Black washi or sparkle tape

For eyes of the slime, cut two ½ inch squares of black tape.  Then cut a tiny rectangle for his mouth.   The slime Minecraft glitter ornament had to be the easiest to make of them all.   I also think he’s one of the cutest.   

Gold Ore

Gold Ore Minecraft Glitter Ornament

The gold ore Minecraft glitter ornament is the hardest of them all to make. It’s my favorite though.

You need:

  • Black square glitter ornament
  • Gold washi or sparkle tape

The gold ore was the most difficult to make.   Not because it had so many pieces of tape on it, but because it’s a bit hard to deal with ⅛ of an inch thick tape.   It wasn’t easy to cut, and it was even harder to place in straight lines on the ornament.  My advice in making this one, is wing it.   Start attempting to make the design you see here, and then if you run out of space or if the tape is being nasty to you, adapt and stick it somewhere else.  


Enderman Minecraft Ornament

Not my favorite of the ornaments, but this enderman does look creepy with his dark purple eyes.

You need:

  • Black square glitter ornament
  • Purple washi or sparkle tape
  • Black Sharpie marker

Like the skeleton, the eyes are the same width of the tape and they are a quarter inch tall.   They are also placed on the ornament the same.   If you happen to have two shades of purple, you can cut two little squares to fit in the center of each eye.   I didn’t.   So I took a black Sharpie and colored a square in the middle of each eye. The impact isn’t huge, but you can still see it.  Plus if you’re a Minecraft fan, like Wonder Boy, you know it’s an Enderman just by the purple rectangles.  


Easy instructions on how to make Minecraft ornaments.

And there you have it.   Six amazing Minecraft glitter ornaments.  Wasn’t that easy?   Honestly the options for making these are endless.    You could make so many different Minecraft ornaments, all you need is your imagination.   We thought of doing a grass block, jack-o-lantern, a zombie and diamond ore.  Wonder Boy even wanted to try TNT, but that one seems a little tough for me.   Perhaps next year, we will have to try making more.  

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