How to Make Easy Glitter Ornaments with Floor Wax

If you are looking for an easy and fun craft project to do with your kids around Christmas, look no further. These glitter ornaments were a hit, and Ohhhh My Gawd, they were so easy. Seriously, my 2 minions and I made 24 of them in a time span of about 20 minutes. Not only was it fast, the finished product turned out lovely. The ornaments look awesome hanging on the tree; they really glimmer in the lights. I cannot rave enough about this project.


Glitter Ornaments are a easy fun project to make.

Supplies Needed for Glitter Ornaments

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  • Mop & Glo or Pledge Floor Care (Crazy, right? You just have to trust me on this one)
  • Fine Glitter (We love glitter…Hooray for sparkles and pixie dust!)
  • Clear glass ornaments (Most crafting stores will sell these around the holidays, but shop early; we wanted to do these as teacher gifts last year and couldn’t find them)

Glitter Warning

DIY Glitter Ornements

It doesn’t take many supplies to make glitter ornaments, but it can get messy. Pixie dust everywhere!

Now, if you’ve ever worked with glitter and kids before you are aware of this, glitter gets messy. I’m not even kidding a little bit here; you WILL be cleaning glitter out of every orifice of their bodies and every inch of your house for days, perhaps even weeks. It’s the price you have to pay for the lovely time you’ll have creating not only the  glitter ornaments, but also the memories with your kids.

But WAIT! There is a bright side …the ornaments have the glitter INSIDE them, so once you get the mess cleaned up from making them; it shall not return each year to haunt you when you hang your cherished keepsakes on the tree.

Just wanted to pass on the warning, you may try to prep your work area to keep the mess at bay, but glitter is a sneaky S.O.B. and it will find a way to end up EVERYWHERE in your house after this project.

Instructions for Glitter Ornaments

Start by taking the tops off the ornaments, and putting them off to the side. You will not need the tops again until after the project is completely dry.

Next, you will need to pour a little of your floor cleaner into the ornament, I’d say about a teaspoon worth. Swirl it around in the ornament until the whole inside is coated with the cleaner. The floor cleaner acts as a glue for the glitter. It’s wonderful. It dries easily, is clear, and is liquidy enough for you to be able to coat the inside of your ornaments in seconds.

If you have any excess cleaner in the bottom of your ornament drain it back into the bottle. We drained ours into plastic cups so that everyone wasn’t fighting over the floor cleaner bottle. This is a one-time deal people…your kids fighting over a cleaning product, pure awesomeness!! I never in my life thought those kids of mine would be fighting over a bottle of cleaner, but they did!

Ready for Glitter

Pouring glitter for DIY glitter ornaments

Once you put the floor wax into the ornament, you can pour glitter into it. With out a funnel, this can get VERY messy.

Now comes the fun part. GLITTER!!! These ornaments will look best with an extra fine glitter, we tried normal chunky glitter once and it just didn’t look as polished. For ornaments using just one color of glitter, poor about a tablespoon of glitter into each ornament using a funnel then cover the hole in the top with your finger and shake until the inside is covered.  If you don’t have a funnel small enough to fit into the ornament, it’s ok, just prepare yourself for even more glitter everywhere.

You can also make a multi colored glitter ornament, by adding a little of one color and twirling it around to coat part of the ornament with glitter. Then add a little of another color to coat the rest. The multi-colored ornaments were the favorites of my kids. They really enjoyed seeing how the colors all came together.

Once you think you have the ornament coated on the inside with glitter, hold it up to a light to make sure that it is completely opaque. If it’s not, you can shake or twirl the ornament again until it’s completely covered. Then you can pour any excess glitter out. Set the ornament somewhere to dry overnight. We just set ours back in the containers they came in.

Easy Glitter Ornamanets

It’s so easy to make glitter ornaments.

The next morning you can put the lids back on the glitter ornaments. Hang them on the tree and then stand back and upon them in awe.

You may be sitting there thinking, “Hey Krysanthe, these are great, but they aren’t very geeky.”   Well you’d be right, but you can very easily make them as geeky as you wish.   Think of these glitter ornaments as a blank slate.   Since the glitter is all on the inside, the outside is a blank slate.   You can add your own decals or stickers to fit the fandom of your choice.

We chose to make ours into amazing Minecraft Ornaments.  Check them out HERE.

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