Perler Bead Splatoon Squid With Stand

Perler Bead Splatoon Squid with stand

Easy to make Perler Bead Splatoon Squid with stand

We are super stoked for Splatoon 2 to come out next month.  Wonder Boy loved the first one so much that he’s been saving his pennies since March when we got our Switch to be able to purchase Splatoon 2 on release date.   

This week he decided he wanted to make a Splatoon Squid from Perler Beads.   He found an easy pattern on Google, and then adapted it to add a stand to it.   Then, he customized the colors, and SHAZAAM!   He made this really cool Splatoon Squid.  

I know I showed you awhile back how to add a stand to your Perler Beads with my Perler Bead Yoshi Egg with stand.  This Splatoon squid follows the same concept.   

One of the coolest parts about making stands for your Perler Beads is that you don’t need glue to keep them together.   The pieces snap together like magic.  

I was actually worried when he brought me the base to melt that it wouldn’t be large enough to hold up the squid, but it was perfect.   

You don’t need many supplies to make this simple Perler Bead Splatoon Squid.   Just your everyday Perler Bead supplies.   For more on supplies needed for Perler Beads check out my Ultimate Perler Bead tutorial.  

Perler Bead Splatoon squid sprite

You’ll need to start by making your squid sprite.  

Perler Bead Splatoon Squid Sprite

You can customize him with any colors that you’d like.  The gray lines at the bottom symbolize the wind coming out of the squid as he moves around, so clear or gray Perler Beads would work best.  

You can even move the black part of his eyes to different locations to make your squid have different expressions.    

If you’re wondering what the heck the black line is at the bottom of the design, it’s purely functional.   It’s the piece that goes into the base to get the pieces to snap together.  

Perler Bead Splatoon squid base

You’ll also have to make a base for your Perler Bead squid.  Below is the pattern Wonder Boy made.  He just went with one simple color to match the squid, but you can design it for your own liking.  

Splatoon Squid base

For those of you who don’t want to count the base is 15 Perler Beads wide and 9 beads high.

Completing your Perler Bead Splatoon squid

Once you’ve got your beads on the pegboard, you’ll need to iron them.  First and foremost, don’t over iron the beads.   If you iron them too much, the pieces won’t fit together.  

While you are busy NOT over ironing them you need to make sure that the gray beads at the bottom get ironed really well.  Single rows of beads aren’t as sturdy if they aren’t iron sufficiently.

Yeah, I know ironing Perler Beads can be an art form.  You can do eeeet though.  

While your beads are cooling make sure to put a heavy book on top of them so that the sprite and base will be completely flat when cooled.  Perler Beads have a tendency to curl up and warp right after melting.  So if you put something heavy on top them they will lay flat.   

After your Perler Beads have cooled completely, you just need to take the sprite and snap it into the hole in the base.  You may need to use a little force, but if you didn’t over iron they will fit together.  

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