Easy to Make Roblox Noob 3D Perler Bead Pattern 1

3D Perler Bead Roblox noob

A fun and easy craft for the Roblox lover.  This Roblox Noob 3D Perler Bead pattern is so cute.

Wonder Boy has been playing a lot of Roblox lately.  It’s such a cool platform, I can’t blame him.   He can escape prison one minute, then turn around and build an amusement park in the next.   When he gets tired of that he can move on and become a Pokemon.  PLUS, when he’s feeling creative he can even create a game of his own.   

We even play together, unless he wants to play an obby.   I hate obbys and I have zero jumping skills.  

Anyway, I came home the other day and he was working away at the Perler Bead table creating his own 3D Perler Bead Roblox noob.   He chose to make the classic Roblox noob which has a yellow torso, green pants, and a blue shirt.  

I love it when he takes things from the virtual world, and brings them to the real world.  This 3D Perler Bead Roblox noob is no exception.  It turned out amazing, and he wanted me to share it with all of you incase there are any other Roblox players out there who want to create it.  

It takes a lot of little pieces to create it, but they are simple.  

Supplies needed to create a 3D Perler Bead Roblox noob

  • Yellow, black, green and blue Perler Beads
  • 2 large square Perler Bead pegboards
  • Perler Bead ironing paper
  • Iron
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun

Instructions for making a Roblox Noob 3D Perler Bead patterns

You’re going to want to start by creating all of the patterns below.  They fit on 2 large pegboards, but if you don’t have 2 large pegboards you can improvise with the small pegboards.  

If you are new to Perler Beads, check out my ultimate Perler Bead guide.  

When we put the noob together, we realized we had made too many pieces for the torso and pants.  So you will only need 5 blue 4×4 squares and 4 green 4×4 squares.  

Body of Roblox Noob

We made too many. You only need 5 blue and 4 green squares.

There is a slight change on the head pieces too.  Wonder Boy had an epiphany after I took this picture and he filled in the center of the square on the bottom right of the pegboards.  You’ll need to do that too.  

Roblox Noob Perler Bead Pattern

Don’t forget to fill in that little spot.

Be sure to iron this carefully.   The ironing needs to be consistent for all pieces so that each piece will actually be flat.  We made that mistake on another 3D Perler Bead pattern, and it was hard to get it to stand up.  

I highly recommend placing heavy books on your Perler Bead pieces as they cool.   If you don’t, the individual pieces may curl up a little and they will be impossible to put together correctly.  

When you are done creating these you should have the following pieces.

  • 10 2×2 yellow pieces
  • 5 4×4 blue pieces
  • 4 4×4 green pieces
  • 8 head pieces

Putting together your Perler Bead noob

The bond when putting the pieces together needs to be quick, so I recommend using a hot glue gun.   That way you can glue it.  Then let it cool quickly then move on the next piece.  

We are going to make the 3D Perler Bead Roblox noob from the bottom up.  

Let’s start with the body.  First glue one green piece to another green piece.  Once that has set and cooled, add another green piece.  Continue this until all the green pieces have been placed.  Then put the blue pieces on next.  

Be careful when gluing to line up each piece directly on top of the last piece.  You are basically building a column of blue and green.

Once you’ve finished the blue and green, you are going to make the noob’s arms.  Take one 2×2 yellow piece and glue it to another in the same method you used above.  Each arm should be 5 pieces high.  

After you’ve glue your body and arms, you’ll want to glue the arms to the body.  Apply hot glue to the body of your Perler Bead noob and center the arms as best as possible.  


A side view of the noob so you can see where to glue the arms.

You’re now ready to put together the head.  You’ll use the same technique as above, but you need to put them in the numbered order of the picture below.  Make sure all the pieces with black are facing in the same direction.  That’s what makes this noob smile.  

Roblox Perler Bead pattern

Number 1 is the bottom of the head. Glue each subsequent piece on top of the last.

Finally, you are ready to finish this noob by putting his head on his body.  Apply the glue to the top of the body and arms and glue on the head.  

Whoo hoo!  You’ve got yourself a 3D Roblox Perler Bead noob.  

If you find that you’ve made a mistake when gluing you can pull the pieces apart and re-glue.  Thankfully, hot glue is pretty forgiving.  

The only thing other thing you may want to do to finish off your noob is run a hair dryer over him quickly.  This gets rid of any stray glue strands that always seem to form when working with hot glue.  

I love the way that Wonder Boy’s Perler Bead noob came out.  Heck, I think he’s cute even if you are unfamiliar with Roblox noobs.  Perler Beads really can fuel a child’s imagination and bring pixels to life.    

Roblox Noob 3D Perler Bead

I love his little smile.

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