10 Easy Valentine Perler Bead Patterns

Easy Valentine Perler Bead Patterns

Get out your Perler Beads and have fun creating these easy Valentine Perler Bead patterns.

Love is in the air when you look at these Valentine Perler Bead patterns.   All of them are simple to make, and could be glued to cardstock to make DIY Valentines.  Or they can just be handed out to someone special.   It’s a fun craft for kids of any age to make for the ones that they love.

If you are new to Perler Beads, please check out my Ultimate Perler Bead beginner’s guide before starting.  It’s full of information on how to use these amazing fuse beads.  

Before we begin, I want to let you know that all of these patterns use a small square pegboard.  So anyone with a bucket of beads can create them.  

If you’re lucky enough, you might have a bucket with a heart board in it.  Heart board are also great for Valentine Perler Bead patterns.  You can just fill it in with any color scheme you’d like.  

Small Heart Perler Bead Pattern

Easy Perler Bead Heart

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than a heart.  This small Perler Bead heart pattern only takes 27 beads to make, so it can be done in a snap.  You can actually fit two of them on one small square pegboard.

Since it’s so small, It’s the perfect size to glue onto a piece of card stock for Valentines. I chose to outline mine with black beads to give it an 8-bit look, but it will still look great in any color scheme.  

The small heart is also easy to enlarge by just adding another row of beads around the whole pattern.  

Double Heart Perler Bead Pattern

Easy Double Heart Perler Bead Pattern

This double heart Perler Bead pattern may look suspiciously like the first pattern I showed you.  That’s because it is!  If you place the two patterns close enough on the pegboard your single heart becomes a double heart.   

Again, the color schemes for this pattern are endless, but make sure if you do make this pattern that you use different colors where the hearts touch.  If you don’t, it won’t really look like hearts.  

Perler Bead Cupcake Patterns

Perler bead Valentine Cupcakes

I always think of sweets when I think of Valentine’s day.  Chocolates, candies, cakes; all the good stuff.   These easy cupcake Perler Bead patterns should satisfy your need to make sweet patterns of Valentine’s.  

Maybe cupcakes aren’t your thing.  If you are looking for a simple candy pattern for Valentine’s day, I have a few you can try on my 10 Easy Christmas Perler Bead Patterns post.   All you need to do to adapt them to Valentine’s day is change the colors to pink and red.   

Love Emoji Perler Bead Pattern

Valentine Perler Bead emoji

Since love is in the air around Valentine’s Day, I thought I just HAD to make an emoji in love.  This is the biggest of all my Valentine’s Day Perler Bead patterns, but it still fits on a small board.  Plus, emoji are huge with kids.  So they will love making this.  

Perler Bead Love Potion Pattern

Minecraft inspired Perler Bead love potion

We’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft.  OMG, a LOT.   

That inspired me to make turn this simple Minecraft potion pattern into a love potion.  I used red and two shades of pink for the shading, but if you don’t have the variety of colors it could all be made from one color of beads.   I also threw in some clear beads on the neck of the potion.   Looking at it fully melted, and I don’t think they are necessary.  I would use white or gray next time.  

Perler Bead Key to My Heart

Valentine Key Perler Bead

Saying “you hold the key to my heart” is a popular phrase around Valentine’s Day.  Now you can make your very own key with this simple twist on our original small heart pattern.   All you need to do is add the “key” at the bottom.

It’s worth noting that if you are making this pattern with your kids the one bead row of the key is not very sturdy.  You’ll need to iron it especially well, and make sure they aren’t using it as a toy or it will break.  It is, however a fun pattern to glue on to cards.   

Love Perler Bead Pattern

Easy Perler Bead Love

Since the main idea behind Valentine’s Day is Love, I thought I had to make this simple Love pattern.  The pattern is simple, but keep a few things in mind while making it.   

First of all, each letter will have to be a different color or the letters will run together, and it won’t look at all like the word love.

Secondly, this is another not so sturdy pattern.  At the point of letter V, the finished pattern is a bit unstable.  My guess is that it would break easily if played with.  To remedy that, you could always place a couple of clear beads at the point of the V.  It’s not necessary, but it would make it more stable.   

Perler Bead Lips

Lips Perler Bead Design

I know there are lots of kisses going around on Valentine’s day, so why not make yourself a set of lips to get yourself in the holiday spirit?  They are really easy to make, and would look good in both red or any shade of pink.

Perler Bead Text Bubble

Perler Bead Text Bubble with heart

Here’s another way to say love…a text bubble.  I love this super cute Perler Bead text bubble with a heart in it.  It took me about 20 tries to get the patten the way I wanted, but the results were worth it.  

Larger Perler Bead Heart Pattern

Kawaii Valentine Heart Perler Bead Design

I thought for my last pattern, I’d show you a larger heart.  The color scheme can, of course, be whatever you like, but I thought putting a kawaii smile inside it would be cute.  

If you are looking to give your patterns a bit of dimension, you could make this pattern one solid color and then glue one of the smaller hearts on top of it.  

Ideas For Your Valentine Perler Bead Patterns

Well there you have it.  10 easy Valentine’s Day Perler Bead patterns.  Now if you are sitting there wondering what in the world to do with these patterns, read on.  I’ve got a few ideas

  • Have the kids give them away to special friends.  
  • Glue a magnet on the back like I did in my Minecraft magnets, and then you can decorate your fridge for Valentine’s Day
  • You could turn the sturdier ones into key chains or necklaces for the kids to give away as gifts.
  • Glue them to a small piece of card stock with Valentine’s Day saying and let the kids hand them out in class for their Valentines.  
  • Attach them to a blank picture frame to make it extra special.  

Looking for more Perler Bead ideas and patterns?  Check out my post with the Best Places to find Perler Bead patterns.  Or sign up for my newsletter below, and I’ll be sure to send them out to you.   

Valentine's Day Perler Beads

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